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» Thursday, September 03, 2015
An Elevator Day

My emotions have been galloping from one end to the other today. I got up early for work, but found I couldn't do many things. One order I had advertised came in way over the cost estimate, so I had to repost it (it had already been delayed because I received a bad description). Another order I can't do because the vendor hasn't propagated in ICE [our purchase order/contract generating system], and the third I can't do because the vendor's listing has expired at, and being registered is a prerequisite of doing business with the government. I tried to do a modification, but at the point I sent it for review we had a report that our team lead had gone home due to a death in the family. I followed up on e-mails, did a bunch of tidying up, and during lunch packed up my backpack and put the juice boxes in the refrigerator to chill.

We had a whopper of a thunderstorm during the afternoon; Tucker was clinging to my legs, then retreated under the table. I was on chat with James and one boom made me jump in my seat. The APC on the computer and on the modem/router did its work, though, and I never lost my connection or the internet itself.

James was supposed to get out early, due to working overtime the other night, but he got on a long call and didn't arrive home until after four. Still, we thought we'd try to make it downtown to get our DragonCon badges. Maybe that's the mistake we've been making all these years; waiting until traffic "let up later." Waze took us through the back and we got downtown in only 45 minutes. Amazing considering last year's awful commute.

Got a parking space on the ground floor of the garage, went to the Sheraton and got our badges, went to Disability Services and got James' handicapped sticky. There was a book launch panel going on, so we wanted to go to that, but we turned the wrong way going toward the Hyatt and ended up back at the Hilton, so we just trudged back up the hill and finally made it to the panel about 7:20. I was so glad I'd run to Sprouts and got some little containers of Italian wedding soup; we ate them then and there.

We were going to have supper at Peachtree Center, but it was really warm in there, so we headed back to the garage. When we checked out, we were aghast. They had a man with a sign outside that said $20 event parking, but the "event" time was only two hours! Who goes to an "event" that only lasts two hours? We had to pay forty dollars to park! That's even more than the hotels charge a day for parking. Now I know why the garage seemed empty when we got there; it's usually chock full on Thursday night of the convention. What a bunch of price gougers!

Came by Wendy's on the way home, gave the dog a trot around the neighborhood—oh, and I made 10,000 steps before we left Peachtree Center.

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