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» Friday, August 28, 2015
Takin' Care of Business

I wasn't guilty at all about sleeping late this morning. I had worked pretty much twelve hours straight on Thursday (except for one dog walk and running downstairs to let the TruGreen lady do the lawn) and by the time I got out of the computer chair I looked like Quasimodo. I didn't set an alarm and finally dragged out of bed at 9:30 only because Tucker was expecting me.

I didn't intend to go anywhere today and I didn't. I walked Tucker and then had breakfast, and then Kaiser called and I paid them one of the hospital bills over the phone, and then I got to work calling about things that had to be one. Tucker caught a big palmetto bug in the dining room last night, so first I called up Northwest to get them back over here. They treated a few weeks ago, but never got in the back yard because they came on Saturday and we weren't home (I think it was Hair Day, in fact). Then I called Lowes to see why we never got called about the dishwasher installation. Just as I thought, they'd made the same phone number mistake that the television people did: they were a digit off in the prefix! The same digit off, in fact. I don't know how "three" sounds like "two"!

The woman that answered my call said, "Well, could they come tomorrow?" They certainly could, although it played hob with the rest of the night, since we had to clean under the sink and the counters with all their scraps of onionskin and stray rice.

After that I vacuumed and cleaned up after Tucker (he's eviscerating his blanket again) and made the bed and cleaned the bathrooms, just the usual junk. One nice thing was that this morning it was so cool that I had the back door open for a good long time while Tucker amused himself on the deck.

Then I logged on work for about an hour or so because I had one order so close to done that it was silly not to finish it. That got done, and two others that had been held, and that brings it down to the competition closing this evening and the problem children. That dratted gift card requirement finally got cancelled, too.

Also sat down and watched Lassie for an hour with my lunch. One of the episodes they showed today was "The Twister" and it showed what a good director (and musical background director) could do with some innocuous scenes of Cully, Lassie, and Timmy in the woods intercut with stock shots of animals. There's a positively creepy scene of them walking through the woods to ominous music and then the music cuts out and Cully says "Listen!" and there's not a sound, not a bird, not a squirrel, not a chipmunk, not a leaf rustling from a mouse—and the hair on my arms was standing on end.

So James brought home food from Dragon 168 and we had that for supper, and then between us got the kitchen "fit for company." Went to bed early because I was still exhausted from yesterday.

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