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» Saturday, August 08, 2015
Strange Saturday Night

I love not having an alarm clock on. So much. So very, very much.

No Farmer's Market today. James had his club meeting and by the time we arose it would have been too late for us to take our time at the market and still had him make it to lunch with the guys on time. We didn't really need anything, and Tucker still has half a bag of Big Daddy dog biscuits. So I perambulated the pooch and we had breakfast, and soon James was off.

I didn't know what I was going to do. I read a few more chapters of The Oregon Trail and then went in the kitchen to wash the dishes. It was a big mess in there and it took a half hour to clear the dry dishes and do all the washing and clean the sink. Tucker enjoyed himself being nosy out on the deck.

About noon I decided to run out to Dollar General to look for a little clock since I couldn't find the dollar ones at Ikea. The cheapest clock they had was $3 and larger than I wanted, so I drove on to the new Dollar Tree across from the Battle Ridge Kroger. Alas, they had no clocks at all, but I got the book Uggie (about the terrier in The Artist) for a dollar. Stopped at Dollar General again on the way home and bought the $3 one. I put that in the hall bath, replacing the more expensive $5 clock won't go anymore (once the second hand comes into conjunction with the minute hand it just sits and ticks in the same spot over and over again), and I put one of the two little Ikea clocks in the kitchen. I don't need a clock in the laundry room anyway; I try not to stay there long. :-)

Since I told a friend I would make her a copy of Doctor Simon Locke, I tried to finish up my own set. Ended up re-dubbing two episodes and then copying off the three missing ones to fill a disk, and now just have to do "Two Points of a Pitchfork." Tucker and I also had several games of fetch.

James came home with dinner about then, and, having sat with the cell phone next to me all day, missed the call I was waiting for when I went out to help him. Isn't that just typical?

We had Dragon 168 for dinner and for some reason I started watching the dopey "Svengoolie" feature on ME-TV, with Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff in the same movie. It was actually rather boring. Finally switched on the television browser, hit YouTube, and watched the first five episodes of Strange Paradise. This thriller Canadian serial was made in 1969-1970 on the heels of the success of Dark Shadows and involved an estate called Maljardin ("Garden of Evil"), its wealthy owner Jean-Paul Desmond, and his recently deceased wife Erica. Jean-Paul is so grief-stricken over Erica's death (she was pregnant and died from eclampsia) that he arranged to have her frozen cryonically. While in the crypt he finds a voodoo doll with a silver spike through its head; he removes it and releases the evil spirit of his lookalike ancestor Jacques Eloi Des Monde, who proceeds to start possessing his descendant. Raxl, the housekeeper, who's also a practitioner of voodoo, tries to help him, but to no avail. Now Erica's sister Allison has come to the island, asking many questions...

Cheesy, lovely stuff. I had a terrible crush on Colin Fox when I was fourteen, and he did tormented so well. It features a lot of familiar (at that time) Canadian actors including Dawn Greenhalgh (mother of Anne Megan Follows), Dan McDonald, and Jon Granik, who later turned up on Doctor Simon Locke.

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