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» Sunday, August 02, 2015
Stories from the Inside

Well, at least I had 7 1/2 hours sleep. Still, I would have liked that extra half hour, but despite remaining in bed for another half hour, sleep would not come. James had awakened about that time, too, saying he was still feeling terrible, so I let him sleep, took Tucker out for a walk, then grabbed a BelVita bar and ran to Kroger. Figured James would not feel like making anything tonight, so bought some chicken legs, which I can't ruin, enough yogurt to "top off" until next payday, bread for my lunch sandwiches, mandarin oranges in juice (you can't find them at Publix), a newspaper, and two cheap dog collars. (I ought to explain. We walk Tucker on a flex leash. When we have to pick up "the remains," it's hard to juggle the rigid handle of the flex leash and the plastic bag, since sometimes it takes two hands to get the silly things open. I have elastic hair bands on the handles of the flex leashes to hang the leash on my wrist while I clean up, but sometimes Tucker goes off to sniff something and the elastic hair bands aren't strong enough to hold him. Hence the dog collars for "wristlets.")

James was up by the time I got home, still feeling punky. I needed a spare videotape, so I finally dubbed off the copy of the silent version of The Prisoner of Zenda I recorded literally years ago off TCM. In this version, Lewis Stone (the future Judge Hardy) is Rudolf Rassendyll and also the King of Ruritania, and Ramon Novarro is the roguish Rupert of Hentzau. The screenplay was written by Mary O'Hara (yes, as in My Friend Flicka; that's what she did for a living for a number of years, write "photoplays"). In the meantime, I took the RAM disk I recorded Doctor Simon Locke on and practiced cutting out commercials, which you can do on the RAM disks. In this way, I edited "Quiet Sunday" and "The Wanderer" and then, once Zenda was over, transferred them to videotape to go permanently on a DVD-R. But I'll get to that later, because the second part of "Two Points of a Pitchfork" needs serious editing.

(I looked into the possibility of getting more RAM disks. Goodness, the price! But then we won't have a DVR forever, either.)

I was cooking some chicken legs when Tucker needed to go out. I can report that the cheap dog collar worked fine except that it had no holes in it to put the tongue of the buckle in. I had to make one with my pocketknife. Now I know why they were so cheap! :-)

I've been spending the rest of the evening watching the last five episodes of Elementary. Yeah, I know, they aired months ago and I just haven't sat down to watch them. Sometimes too restless to sit down and give it the attention it needs. And so here comes the penultimate episode of the season, and there's Kevin O'Rourke. Always good to see a familiar face!

Oh, James got his Windows 10 update. He didn't do a clean install, and nothing much actually looks different except for the start menu, which is full of graphics. He did shut off those wifi security problems first!

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