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» Sunday, August 30, 2015
Shopping in the Rain

I've said I like cloudy days, but I like high, light grey clouds covering the sun, so I don't squint or get headaches from the glare. I definitely don't like cloudy days that consist of heavy, dark, stratus clouds—especially ones pouring rain. I don't mind getting wet. Mr. I-Challenge-German-Shepherds, however, turns into miserable puppy in the rain.

And indeed that's what happened after I got dressed and snapped the leash on the dog; he took one look at the rain and turned tail. I chivvied him off the park and he deigned to walk in the wet long enough to pee against a telephone fixture, after which he returned decidedly to the house.

We'd planned to go out to BJs today (we needed toilet paper), and, carrying a garbage bag with us to put it in, we set out in the pouring rain. Of course we'd slept late, our Sunday treat, and by the time we got up to Woodstock, the IHOP we were planning to break fast at had people lined up outside the door (thankfully for them, the rain had stopped). So we went to find the Folks that one of the exit signs mentioned and had lunch there. The special was turkey, but it's not a patch on the turkey dinner at West Cobb Diner, and the stuffing was not only peppered, but overly salted (when James is complaining about something being too salty, it's salty).

We bought a lot more at BJs than I expected, but it was all things we needed; we were completely out of Kleenex both in regular and small box sizes—the multipacks we bought last time from BJs lasted at the least a year, and more like two!—and I found some nice stir fry beef for a supper with half to put away for another time. We got milk as well, and some chips for James, and Edge and Chex Mix since we had coupons.

It was beautiful when we got out of BJs. The sky was still mostly cloudy but the blue showing was a bright winter blue, not the watery, washed out summer sky, and there was a delightful breeze. I looked down as we approached the truck, and a red maple leaf was at my feet, a promise of happier weather to come.

We headed home with the intention of stopping at Publix (I needed Those Damn Bananas, yogurt, James wanted ham and turkey spread, and we needed a paper. It started to sprinkle, and we almost went home, but the toilet paper was in a trash bag anyway, so James stopped and I went in. Had to get a tall person to help me with the yogurt again; wish the supermarkets realized not everyone is six feet tall!

We'd already gotten home when I remembered I hadn't picked up my levothroid pills from Kroger. So we put the milk and the meat and the yogurt away, and then I drove and James had Tucker in his lap. We had the windows down and how Tucker loved that! He was like the Elephant's Child waiting in the pharmacy pickup line, wanting to investigate the man with the cart, and the woman with the human puppies, and, oh, so many smells! The pharmacist started to laugh when she saw him looking at her with wide eyes.

We'd noticed one of our neighbors with a small child had rented a bounce house, and I hoped the rain wouldn't spoil his party. Well, when we got home, they'd solved the problem: all the kids were in swimsuits! There was water spraying from the top of the bounce house every time the kids jumped, but they were having a ball!

Finally home to rest my aching bones (just been achy all weekend, like I am in the spring—probably the fall allergens building up). Finished getting things ready for work, downloaded some magazines on my tablet, including the new "Country" with a gorgeous fall cover. James made Asian chicken salad for supper and I have some of the leftover chicken in a sandwich for work.

Saw most of, but didn't get to record all of, a new Rick Sebak special on PBS, this one about bakeries. I'd love to visit the Japanese one in California. They also showed a Wamponaug woman who bakes things in an outdoor, traditional clay bake oven which is lined outside with fieldstone. Gorgeous! Also saddened to know that I missed the first episode of the new season of Vicious. I love that series!

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