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» Saturday, August 01, 2015
In Work and In Play

Another restless night, even though we went to bed a little later. I usually sleep best if I go to bed between midnight and one and get up the corresponding eight hours later. James wandered off to work at 7:30 and I tried to stay in bed for the entire eight hours and simply didn't make it. So it was time to perambulate the pooch and then, since I had nothing for lunch anyway, I went to Publix. I wanted a baguette and they had Brawny on sale.

The next thing I knew I had spent $73. How does that happen? Of course I got something for work lunches, and some crackers for DragonCon (all we need now are the buns and the meat for the sandwiches; we have sweets and juice boxes)—oh, and two fall magazines, the fall "Country Sampler" and the "Just Cross-Stitch" book of Hallowe'en designs. I actually saw a fall magazine last week ("Cottage Journal"), but it didn't have much "fall" to it, but all expensive home interiors. Now that it's August, we should start seeing the fall magazines come in. Civilization is out there somewhere!

When I got home, I finally checked e-mail, and found a whopper of a Michael's coupon, 40 percent off your entire purchase! I was all for running out again, then realized if I was going to have a coupon that good I wanted to go to a better Michaels than the one at Heritage Pointe or the one up at Town Center. Now, there's a nice big one at Hiram, but...

So I wandered through lunch, then spent the afternoon doing different chores along to instrumental Christmas music and David Huntsinger's "Autumn" album. Didn't get through with that until nearly 4:30. By this time it was Tucker's time out again, and I also read a little in the "Country Sampler Home Tours" magazine I've had hanging about for a while. (They aren't as good as they used to be, I think, which is why I haven't read through it at the gallop.) At six I got dressed, printed out the Michael's coupon, and waited for James to get home. Needless to say, he didn't offload the power chair, and we drove to Hiram for supper at Folks.

Then it was time to get down to work! Walked in and out of the aisles at Michaels, bought three Christmas gifts (two unassembled, but easily put together), a base for my Advent wreath, some floral foam, some artificial marigolds on clearance, and a few other bits and bobs, plus the caramel-filled chocolate bar I bought for dessert. All were covered by the coupon except for the clearance flowers.

Unfortunately, due to the late hour James got out, time taken by dinner, and time taken by Michael's, there was no time to go into Five Below. Pity. I like seeing what unique items they have.

Spent the evening mostly listening to music, reading Facebook, chatting to Emma, working on last night's blog entry, and playing fetch with the dog. About ten o'clock James came down with chills, we're not sure why. Despite the fact that the only time he was out in the sun was getting the power chair in the office, then out of the office, then driving to Hiram, he looked sunburned around the face and neck. The littlest bit of sun does this to him.

So we relaxed watching Four Days at Dragoncon and the followup Cosplay special until it was time for bed.

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