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» Saturday, August 22, 2015
Heigh-Ho, Weekend!

Yeah, I overslept. Oh, the alarm went off at 8:10, but my eyes glazed over listening to "Weekend Edition" and the next thing I knew it was 8:50. So by the time Tucker had a good walk and I had some breakfast, I arrived at Sam's Club ten minutes after it opened instead of five minutes before. (It's not like I had to be that early; I just figured it would be less crowded if I was. Everyone else had the same idea, too.)

I was there for Skinny Pop, and I got in a supply since Costco doesn't carry it, and another bag of Chex Mix for work. Bought James some Jamaican meat patties, and some of the Tyson teriyaki chicken thighs so we can have Asian chicken salad for supper tomorrow. Plus I got milk.

I spent some time looking at a cute little gadget called a Flexx 10. Apparently this is a little netbook only available at Walmart, Target, and Sam's Club, and it's got really nice reviews, and it separates out into a tablet and a keyboard, rather like an underpowered Surface tablet. Unfortunately it doesn't do one critical thing I want it to do, or I might have considered it if I had the money.

I did get a neat thing: it looks like a small, softsided lunchbag with a solid plastic bottom. The bottom has three electrical plugs on either side, and two USB ports at one end, an on/off switch at the other—yes, it's a gadget charger, with the power cord tucked in the compartment underneath, and then in the "lunchbag" part it holds the power cords to the gadgets you're going to charge. Very nifty and will come in handy for Atomicon, etc.

Came home and spent the rest of the afternoon messing around with work things, or else I shall never catch up; sorting files and other things like getting printouts. A web site that I critically need for my work is suddenly not coming up on Internet Explorer at work. However, it comes up on my phone and on my web browser at home. I can only assume that the powers-that-be have done security updates on IE and somehow or other this website is being blocked. So I got the printouts I needed on my computer and saved them to PDF files, which I then e-mailed to myself at work. This is the type of dingbat hoops we have to jump through all the time.

By the time I got done, James was on his way home. I walked Tucker again, and then we went to Olive Garden for dinner. We received a gift card at Christmas and had not used it yet. And we did have fun with it. We ordered an appetizer (fried ravioli filled with pork and beef), which we usually don't do, had the salad, and James had a Northern Italian sampler and I had the beef and tortellini, which is molto bello and half of each dish came home with us. And, of course, we split a black tie mousse cake for dessert.

We were up at Town Center because I had a bunch of JoAnn coupons, and we spent an hour strolling (well, I strolled, James rolled—he can't walk that far anymore). I bought more Command hooks, and found three nice gifts, including a beautiful light scarf, with a combination of coupons and clearance. James got paint brushes and Gorilla glue.

Arrived home in time to take Tucker for a walk again, and this time I had time to play with him, and then James ran him through a game of "red dot" and tuckered him out. Spent the evening redesigning a web page background and then watching Dr. Pol and chatting with Emma.

Less than two weeks now to DragonCon! Wow!

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