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» Friday, August 14, 2015
Cuddles and Chowda and Creatures of the Night

The cuddles were with my pillow. I definitely planned on eight hours sleep this morning, but got more like ten. I always say I get my best, deepest sleep after 6 a.m., and this certainly proved it. I woke up at 9:45 realizing I was not going to make it to Costco before it got really hot, as I still needed to take Tucker for a walk and eat something for breakfast so I didn't go wandering through the store like Grumpy Cat.

Lucked out and a guy was leaving right near the door; I didn't want to mess around with a long walk back to the car with the frozen chicken thighs I was buying for Hair Day. Since I was here, I also picked up milk; if we bought milk at Costco every week the savings alone from that would pay for the membership twice over. Scanned the DVDs (lots of British series!) and the books (mostly things I wouldn't read), and sampled some very nice smoked gouda.

I went home the long way, with the chicken in the insulated bag, by Sprouts to get the soup of the day (clam chowder) for Sunday supper; I have been dying for their clam chowder. Well, when I got there the chowder was almost out and the next batch would not be ready for forty minutes. So I took as much as I could get and they gave me a dollar off at the register because the container wasn't full.

I'd left Tucker penned in the dining room while I was out; if he is good for longer periods of time we can leave him there during the day. He'd been good, so I had a brief bit of lunch and gave him a cookie, cleaned up a little, then sat down to watch the Lassie episodes I recorded off CoziTV yesterday and this morning. They are showing the ninth season episodes, which, as far as I can tell, haven't been seen in syndication for years, possibly since Nickelodeon showed them. Plus, according to their online schedule on TitanTV, they are going to show "The Journey" as originally broadcast on the network, something that has not been done on American television (TVLand in Canada did do it) since the original broadcast, as it was edited into a film called Lassie's Great Adventure. However, Cozi will certainly be editing it for extra commercials, so we won't be seeing it totally uncut.

When James got home, we went to Ken's Grill for supper (it's cheap) and then came home to cook the chicken cacciatore. We put all three Pyrex dishes into process and cooked the nine pounds in one fell swoop. It's really easy—brown each boneless thigh fifteen minutes on each side, then distribute tomato sauce on top of it, add mushrooms and onions (there would have been green peppers, but we didn't have any), and turn over every fifteen minutes until at temperature inside. Then let cool until they can be ladled into carrying containers and put into the fridge. The hardest part is scrubbing out the chicken dishes afterwards.

Even got a few episodes of Strange Paradise in there, and a dog walk.

Incidentally, guess what I saw when I took Tucker out last night: we have bats! They were swooping around the light at the end of the cul de sac last night, gobbling up bugs. I could hear them squeak as they surveyed Tucker and I for signs of danger. Perhaps this is why the mosquitoes haven't been as bad this year.

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