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» Saturday, August 15, 2015
A Day Among Friends

What a day! We were up a little before nine so I could walk Tucker before we packed up the chicken and headed to the Butlers. It was the usual great time, with a few serious overtones: Juanita's brother is still having difficulties after his severe stroke and once again, some of us are jobless, but on a positive note, Shannon showed up thanks to a ride from Charles. She was in a horrendous car crash a month ago, so bad she doesn't recall what happened. Her SUV rolled and she was unconscious when they found her and she had to be gotten out of the vehicle with the Jaws of Life. She just recently had surgery to fix pain caused by vertebrae damage.

The chicken cacciatore flavor deepened overnight and it was quite delicious. For sides we had noodles, rice, garlic bread, and the usual assortment of breakfast fruits and vegetables beforehand. Lunch was full of chat and laughter.

Plus we have enough chicken left over for a good supper next week.

I'd like to say we did something exciting for the next three hours, but I had a bad headache and James was feeling a bit breathless from the heat. We came home, I took three ibuprofin and crawled on the futon, and James surfed the net for about a half hour before lying down on the bed. I had the alarm set in time for me to walk Tucker and then for us to gather up the three gifts we were taking to Ron's birthday dinner at Longhorn. So, more fun with even more friends, as Aubrey showed up and Clair as well (Daniel was home waiting for a deliveryman).

Spent the evening reading and, later, chatting with Emma.

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