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» Sunday, July 12, 2015
Time for Fun and Fur

Sigh. Bulletin: It would be easier to sleep late if my knee would quit hurting. We were in bed until ten, but I wasn't asleep most of the time.

Breakfast, and then it was time for a little fun: we had Barnes & Noble coupons and decided to go into Buckhead to use them. This meant a nice drive down West Paces Ferry Road, which is where the Governor's Mansion is and which is lined with old homes and new McMansions. You have what was an expensive ranch- or colonial-style home in the past cheek-by-jowl with new homes with multi stories, porte cocheres, and one home that looks like an Italianate palace. Then you go between the golf club and the Atlanta History Center, which is preparing to receive the Cyclorama, a diorama of the Battle of Atlanta, which has been located in Grant Park for years, but has just closed to be moved to the History Center.

The good thing about the Buckhead Barnes & Noble is that it has lots of things the other B&Ns don't have, like certain magazines and additional books. It has more books, I think, than the two story-store on Akers Mill. Of course the bad thing about the Buckhead Barnes & Noble is that it has lots of things the other B&Ns don't have. LOL. I found what I was looking for, the "Life" magazine special on To Kill a Mockingbird, and I also got the new "Remind" and another magazine, "American Spirit," which is published by the DAR (it had an article about Samuel Slater), plus "All About History," which had articles about Victorian crime and good ol' "John Lackland" (King John) of England. Most of the books I wanted were hardback, then I saw Providence Noir in the mystery section. I don't like noir, but I had to. I mean, there's even a story called "Meet Me at the Shepard's Clock," plus a story set at a Waterfire, so, both old and new.

That reminds me that I have never bought and/or read the book about Roger Williams that was published recently...

Then we came home, picked up Tucker, and took him to Unleashed. He hasn't had a bath since Mother's Day and has begun to pick up what I can only describe as a "locker room odor." Well, he's nearly two, so he is an adolescent dog; can't be much different from an adolescent boy. :-) He was really happy about the trip until (1) I made him behave and sit down and (2) he realized where we were the minute we got there.

Back at the tubs, there was a huge Newfoundland dog already being bathed. Not only a Newfie, but a Landseer type (black and white). He was a beauty, especially after his bath, and his name was Peyton. I should have whipped my phone out to take a pic of him lowering his big, bearlike head down to sniff the nose of 10-pound Tucker (Peyton was 140 pounds, and he's only a year old and still technically a puppy). As always, Tucker sat there in abject misery while I washed him. Peyton, on the other hand, didn't want to leaveā€”that's a water dog for you! There was also a boxer there.

I curried Tucker off after I soaped and rinsed him, and got more than a big handful of hair. I would think he's lighter tonight.

Picked up gas and a sandwich at the Race Trac, then came home to cool off under the fans. Spent the afternoon reading The Curious World of Calpurnia Tate and also washed out the dog's bedding. We had Oriental chicken salad for supper and watched Fat Guys in the Woods. I wouldn't want to be out there camping, but frankly that 36 degrees in Michigan sounds really good now, since it's going to be 92 tomorrow.

How many days until fall again?

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