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» Sunday, July 26, 2015
The Black Goop from Below

We counted on a nice quiet day, as we only had milk to pick up. So I walked Tucker and we had breakfast, then, instead of going to Kroger, decided that we would go to Costco instead. Milk is cheaper there, and I was hoping I could pick up Skinny Pop, if they were still carrying it. [They aren't. They still have that loathsome Boom-Chicka-Pop instead.]

The first thing we saw as we got in was Omeprazole on sale. Score! (When omeprazole is only $10, you grab.) We also stopped a few minutes to look at a Surface Pro 3 tablet. It is mighty pretty, and I heard some nice things about it on "The Tech Guy." I hear the pen is excellent. Then we strolled about the store, checked out the books and the DVDs, then made the rounds getting a couple of samples. We bought milk and the Omeprazole, and are trying a new kind of chicken salad which sounds like it's very close to the "gourmet" chicken salad that I used to love at Trader Joe's, but which they quit making.

On the way home we did stop at Kroger, but just for me to run inside to get a newspaper and for James to get gasoline, as we have gas points to use up by Friday.

When we got home we had to deal with a rather grotty problem. I rewashed a load of dishes yesterday because the first run had not gotten them clean. Well, they still weren't clean. I took the dishes out to see what was wrong, and there was a crust of something black on the filter. I have seen this black stuff before and just clean it up when I do. I cleaned it all off, then we consulted the dishwasher manual to see if we were supposed to remove the filter to wash it. Now when we read the manual the first time it said the filter was not removable, and sure enough, we confirmed it: "under normal conditions," states the manual, if you scrape the dishes before washing, the "filter is self-cleaning." Anyway, we ran an empty load, then ran another and put two cups of white vinegar in the rinse. When that was through, it looked clean, although we could still see some black under the filter. So we washed the dishes again, and they came out dirtier! All the black stuff from under the filter was now coming out and depositing itself on the dishes. The filter was curled up at one edge and I put my finger under there and it is completely filled with this black crap! "Self-cleaning" my foot!

So I washed all the dishes by hand. The only thing we can think to do is somehow take that filter off and scoop out all that disgusting goop. I'd rather get rid of the disgusting thing. It's ten years old in a few months and never has washed the dishes properly anyway.

In nicer matters, we had the Butoni chicken-prosciutto ravioli we bought on twofer with vodka sauce for supper. Had enough left over to make a lunch for me and one for James. For the evening we watched Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

Oh, and I got a call on my cell, which surprised me. The only person who usually calls me is James! It was my team lead. Because of the water main break in DeKalb County, there is still a "boil-water" advistory on. They can supply us with bottled water to drink at work, but if we go to the bathroom we can't wash our hands safely. So we have permission to telework tomorrow. Yay! An extra hour's sleep!

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