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» Friday, July 31, 2015
Strange Findings and Finding Strange Things

This is starting to become exasperating. I am so short of sleep during the week that I want to get a full eight hours on weekends and it never happens. Instead I'm restless, waking up multiple times during the night, and then waking up in the morning drowsy and logy. During the day I can sleep like a rock! I should have been a cat.

After ritual dog-walking and breakfast, plus starting my monthly hard-drive backup, I headed out on a couple of errands. Best Buy had a 128GB thumb drive for such a good price I couldn't resist it. On the way there I stopped at the Dollar Tree at Heritage Pointe for more Pears transparent soap. They sell it for only a dollar a bar, where the Vermont Country Store wants $15 for 3! I like this soap for washing my face; the scent wakes me up in the morning and it's very soothing. Next door, the Anna's Linens is going out of business. I'm not surprised; the flyers always showed such good things on sale and when you got there none of it was in sight and everything left was expensive (and brocade; they were really into brocade).

So I get into Best Buy and look for the thumb drive. Then an employee went looking for it for me. He found it and I went to check out, only to find out he'd gotten me the wrong one. The cashier went to find the right one. As I was waiting, my eyes trailed to a display between the cash registers and customer service of thumb drives and SD cards, including...guess what...the thumb drive I was looking for. I don't think I've ever gotten through Best Buy without a problem at checkout.

From there I stopped at Barnes & Noble to pick up Tasha Alexander's The Counterfeit Heiress, the next paperback entry in the Lady Emily series. The store computer said it was in stock, but...guess what...I couldn't find it and neither could the clerk. She put it on reserve at the West Cobb store because I had planned on dinner at the West Cobb Diner.

Finally I went to Costco to check out a couple of things, and picked up some milk. My favorite place in summer is that frigid dairy room where Costco keeps the milk! Had a couple of samples which was good because all I had for breakfast was yogurt.

Well, when I got home, big surprise from RetroTV: today was supposed to be the final Doctor Simon Locke episode of the 23 episodes Retro has, and then on to Police Surgeon. Instead, the preview on their Facebook page said they were also going to show one of the missing episodes they were previously trying to "find." Wow. So I called James and asked him if he would bring something home.

For the rest of the afternoon I actually worked on crafts. This is unique because I usually always have something else to do. Well, I did clean one bathroom today and wash the dishes, since the dishwasher is hors de combat, and shred some old documents, but I did get in some crafts today. I finished one small gift that is part of a group gift, plus started to paint another gift, and worked on my Advent wreath. Clair Kiernan made a darling one with four tealights and a small white candle, and I want to do the same. Accordingly, I have painted the four tealights I bought on clearance, one pink and three purple. The purple ones were so dark I put a bit of purple glitter on them, and diamond dust on the pink one (since the last thing I want to do is make it more pink).

By then it was time for Tucker's walk again, and I had to set up the videotape and I also used the RAM disk. I moved the antenna in the living room and now it's getting a perfect picture—hanging upside down from the curtain rod. Wicked bizarre, I tell ya.

So James and I ate Zaxby's while we watched "Quiet Sunday" and, yes indeed, one of the missing episodes, "The Wanderer," which is a strange episode no matter what way you look at it. It looks like either, as someone suggested on the RetroTV Facebook group, a backdoor pilot to a series about a young man trying to clear his father of murder charges, or a dry run for Police Surgeon. It's like the producers wrote a mystery script and then stuck Simon and Dan in it.

Can hardly wait to see if they surprise us with the other two on Monday. I hope so! I am dying to see "Marooned" again.

James was feeling a bit punky, so we went out only to pick up my book (I also grabbed a remainder book of lists, which is one of my guilty reading pleasures) and then by Kroger to pick up my heart pills. Spent the evening watching "The Wanderer" over and updating my Locke webpage. One strange episode indeed!

Oh, for the people I told about my Locke fanfiction, I finished it. It's here. I'm working on another. :-)

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