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» Sunday, July 19, 2015
Keeping the Fitbit Busy 3

This morning we slept in until ten, and that was totally delicious, and I still was reluctant to get up. Only thinking about poor Tucker crossing his legs made me flee my nice foam mattress and soft sheets. Did the usual Sunday chores besides dog-walking: sorting my meds for the week, getting my clothes out, tossing the week's towels and clothes into the hamper. Then it was another snatched breakfast so we could go to Kroger for the rest of the essentials: sandwich buns for me, burritos for James' breakfast, sugar-free pudding for his lunch, Pepto Bismol, small Vidalia onions, and other odds and ends.

We brought the stuff home and then decided to go to Ikea. Don't have money saved up for bookcases now, but we hadn't been in a while and I was hoping to get another of their dollar alarm clocks for the kitchen, as the little clock in there has died. (The clock on the stove died several years ago.) Of course school starts in two weeks here, so there were tons of families in the store, and the restaurant was packed. I tried to be good and had the salmon with potato/spinach cakes. The salmon came up on me all afternoon, and the "spinach" cakes had broccoli in them. Spinach I could have tolerated, but broccoli...ugh. It didn't help that it was sour!

We picked up a bunch of little things: drawer dividers, soft containers for organization, a strainer dipper, a steamer basket, plus what is supposed to be a laptop case that James is going to use as a carrier pouch on the back of the power chair. It's very heavy and sturdy, and even expands via a zipper.

That was the good part, but the crowd, the heat, and the terrible noise was exhausting. I felt like we were hemmed in on all sides and the place was very warm with all those people there. After walking through the first floor had to go to the bathroom and throw cold water on my face and arms, and by the time we got done my back was screaming in protest.

And you know what? I never did find the clock!

So we came home and James and I changed the filters in the air conditioner, and by then it was nearly supper time. We had another Asian chicken salad, except we were out of almonds, so had pecans with it instead.

Just finish up one shopping trip just to start another shopping list.

Been watching North Woods Law all evening. How nice the snow looks!

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