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» Saturday, July 18, 2015
Keeping the Fitbit Busy 2

Accordingly, we were up at eight to get dressed, grab a nosh (James had a burrito while I walked Tucker, I had a Belvita bar), and then load the power chair to go to the market. We wanted to get there early before it got hot, but we arrived a little after nine and it was already blazing. My skin hurt from the sun.

We had Tucker with us, and he had a great time touching noses with every dog he could get to, including two American bulldog puppies that were seventeen weeks old and bigger than he was, a couple of greyhounds, a very chubby corgi, and several mixed breeds. The only dog he couldn't get to give him the time of day was an apricot miniature poodle, who did not want him near. We had a nice time talking to his owners, though.

We never found any small Vidalia onions, but we bought a pot pie, scones, some boiled peanuts for James, some chocolate chip cookies for a dessert, and a bag of "Big Daddy" homemade dog biscuits. We weren't halfway through the booths before I had sweat running in a steady stream down my back. It was 87°F out, but with the heat index it was 108. Urgh.

We brought the things home and left an exhausted and happy Tucker back in his crate and went out to brunch at the IHOP. Took us a while to get a seat, and then we relaxed eating a steak sandwich (me) and a turkey dinner (James). By the time we left the IHOP, we were both already drained by our hour in the sun at the Farmer's Market. We had talked about going to Hobby Lobby but I couldn't face one more minute of the sun (or rather raising and lowering the power chair in the sun).

James was actually sick for the rest of the afternoon, very woozy and with a headache that wouldn't quit. I wanted a nap desperately, but instead spent the better part of late afternoon, off and on, dubbing off the three Doctor Simon Locke episodes I missed last time. I'd recorded it on videotape in the spare room and on DVD-RAM in the living room, then transferred to videotape, and basically had to keep swapping tapes because each of the stories had drop outs, but in different places. I had a DVD-R disk die after fifteen minutes (at least it didn't wait until the third episode!) and other wonderful delays. I also did things in between recording. The sound levels were different on the two recordings, so the cobbled-together episodes sound odd, but, there they are. Now I need to get the other two I missed and the one that came in badly. (And RetroTV needs to find the three missing episodes, too. :-) )

Lunch was so big I just had cereal for supper.

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