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» Friday, July 17, 2015
Keeping the Fitbit Busy 1

As we get deeper into fourth quarter spending, the more I need a compressed Friday, and boy, was I looking forward to this one! Slept in until 9:30, then walked Tucker and had breakfast. Finished up the morning by doing some corrections on my Doctor Simon Locke web page, then tackled an ongoing problem.

When we bought the "pickled" finish cabinet a few years back at the Georgia Apple Festival, we used it to replace a microwave cart, which became a television stand in the spare bedroom. The microwave cart that was currently doing duty in that space went downstairs for James to reuse it in his "man cave." But he really hasn't any room for it, so it got pushed back between the bay of his books in the library. He was looking for something down there before Timegate and pushed the cart out of his way. It's been taking up room in the middle of the floor for months.

I don't really want to just toss it out, but it's a bit battered to be donating. For now I have put it into the hallway, but it's too bulky for there, too. It's going to have to go somewhere sometime.

Anyway, there were a good three months' of already read books piled up down there, ready for shelving. So that's what I did, shelved books for over an hour, acutely aware that the history books are running over. Need more Billy bookcases. I put at least a half dozen in the box for McKay's, and tossed out all the Amazon Vine ARCs that I'm not permitted to donate. And finally I vacuumed down there. There were still bits of Christmas detritus in the rug: tinsel, "pine needles," artificial snow, glitter. I didn't shelve the Christmas books, but they have to be added to the Christmas book list when i do that.

Also cleaned out the hall bath and tidied up,

We ate in tonight because I was recording a Doctor Simon Locke I missed on the last go-around, but once that was over, we went to Publix to take advantage of the twofers and other sale items, then hit Sprouts for fresh produce and meat and bulk nuts.

Finally it was early to bed because we were off to the Farmer's Market tomorrow. We haven't been in weeks!

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