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» Saturday, July 25, 2015
Empty Ports and Empty Shelves

I was really ready for this weekend, because the week ended on such a sour note.

On the way home Wednesday, I was within four miles of the house when the car began to overheat. I did as my dad always told me to do if that happened, turn the heater on full blast. I opened all the windows, but driving home when it's nearly 90 with the heat blasting on you is not a trip I'd recommend. At least it was only four miles. I found I could turn the heat off so long as I did not turn the A/C back on.

So on Thursday I had to take the car in to get it checked out, but I had to wait for the lawn to be cut before I could leave so I could open the gate. This didn't happen until almost noon, so I went the long way round by Sprouts to get dinner for Friday night (Italian wedding soup, of course) and supper for that night, since Thursday is potlucks night (chicken noodle). Then I dropped the car off and got a ride home.

So the car wasn't ready by the end of the day because it turned out a switch burned out, which caused the fan to the A/C to burn out as well. They had to go to Chrysler to get the part. I got work done, which pleased me no end (all I'd seemed to have done all week was e-mail, printouts, and telephone calls), but had no car on Friday. Teleworking again was nice, and I got several orders done before the end of the day, when the car was ready.

Meanwhile, we were having a bit of trouble with the television. On Thursday I couldn't get a signal when I turned the DVD recorder on. I thought it might be the cable, but if I plugged it into a different HDMI port, it worked. On Friday the HDMI port that the Dish DVR was plugged into died. I tried to plug it into another port, but that one was dead as well. So we ended up watching television later that night through the DVD recorder.

In the meantime we had the wedding soup for supper, then went to Publix to pick up a plethora of two-for-the-price-of-one items. Sadly, the milk wasn't on sale this week.

This morning we decided to go out to Trader Joe's, and, because we hadn't been there in a very long time, first out to Fry's. This meant using the power chair, and soon we were tooling to Roswell and then north to Alpharetta via Roswell Road. There are several antique stores up in Roswell Square that I keep saying that I'm going to visit when the weather is better, but when fall and winter come I always have something else to do. Whatever. Maybe this year?

Fry's is looking sadder and sadder. I remember the first time we came here, and it was packed with every sort of electronics, electronics accessory, computer, computer accessory, DVD, CD, computer books, boxes of software, television, camera, etc. They still have a lot, but there aren't as many DVDs, accessories, and almost no software and the books are all gone. The store is dotted with "As Seen on TV" stuff, and junk like perfume. Plus the cafe is pathetic; they didn't have half the items on the menu, including tuna salad. I had to have grilled cheese. Still, I bought a new surge suppressor for the television, etc., as I was advised that might be the cause of the HDMI problems, and also got a cheap new telephone for the library (the phone down there now hisses and you can't hear anything else when you pick it up). Cast a covetous eye on the Channel Master 75-mile fringe antenna as well. That I would have professionally installed.

We came home by Trader Joe's to get some lunchmeat, crackers, sausage, etc. and then brought that food home to drop off so we could go out and eat. We were quite stuffed by the time we got out of Tin Drum—their rice bowls are quite filling—and then we spent a nice half hour or so across the street at Barnes & Noble. James got a couple of magazines, and then we came home so I could take Tucker for a walk.

When we got in after supper, the television was completely off, saying no signal again. I'd left Snowy watching PBS through the DVD recorder, but we'd had a power failure. I couldn't get the DVD recorder to come back up, so took some advice from a friend on Facebook. I unplugged all the HDMI ports, then unplugged the television. It was off for a good twenty minutes while I changed clothes, made the bed, took my pills, and walked the dog. Once I did that, HDMI 1, 2, and 3 worked. 4 is still dead. The DVD recorder was working again, too, so for the rest of the night we watched Dave Allen at Large.

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