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» Saturday, July 11, 2015
Beat the Clock Saturday

The weekend didn't have an auspicious beginning, as James ended up working two and a half hours overtime due to a long call. So we didn't eat until nearly eight (Hibachi Grill, because by then we were both starved and the buffet was just easier), and then had to stop by a grocery store to get the ingredients for succotash to take to Hair Day. James cooked it up when we got home, so it was ready for this morning.

Unfortunately I was an English major, not a math major and can't count. :-) This explains why, to get to a store that opens at eight o'clock, I set the alarm for 7:45 instead of 6:45. At least I got almost eight hours sleep, which I needed, because we ended up at pretty much a dead run for the rest of the day (well, except...). I walked Tucker and then we were off to Betsy's Hallmark because—how fast the Earth spins!—it's already Ornament Premiere weekend. The crowds had apparently thinned, because there were only two young women and another woman in the store when we arrived (you should have seen the huge pile of ornaments the two women had). James bought the Enterprise C, the Waco airplane, Snoopy in his Sopwith Camel, and the Y-wing fighter. (The P-38 Lightning isn't out until October.) I bought two mini-ornaments, the Blue Bunting (cloissione) and the "world within" ornament with a scene inside, "A Home for Wren" (new Marjolein Bastin) bird ornament, and the fifth "Twelve Days of Christmas" ornament, which is a ring-necked pheasant (they have figured that the "five golden rings" in the song refer to pheasants). Also a [mumble] for [mumble] (can't tell; it needs to go into a package to be mailed), plus the ornament I was waiting for, the anniversary ornament. The "Our first Christmas together" ornament that we have is a pair of doves, and this ornament is a pair of doves as well, white etched in silver highlights, and I wanted it because this year will be our silver anniversary.

We didn't get to Hair Day all that late, and ended up doing some historical research between chatting; Oreta is looking for stories for her schoolchildren (she's a librarian) about successful or heroic African-Americans who aren't escaped slaves or Civil Rights figures. She had found a photo online of a prohibition officer in 1926 who was black. So I went searching on my tablet and we discovered Samuel J. Battle, the first African-American police sergeant, and Annie Malone, who was the first black "millionairess" (before Madame Walker), and James brought up Jesse L. Brown, the first African-American Naval aviator. According to searches, there were Federal agents of color during Prohibition. The book about Battle looked pretty interesting.

Unfortunately, we had to leave before lunch was served because James wanted to get to his club meeting, but Ron gave us a container so we could take a portion home. This was great because Terica makes super chicken and dumplings.

So James dropped me off, picked up the power chair, and was off. I was upstairs, debating on whether to eat something or go to Publix to see if they had chicken and wild rice soup, when I noticed I didn't have my cell phone. I called James from the house phone and yes, it was in the truck, and he was already at Wendy's picking up a burger to replace his lost lunch. Okay, I guess I was going to Publix, so I did, rescuing my phone on the way.

No chicken and wild rice soup, but they did have pork loin chops on twofer, so I got those, and some bagged salad so we can eat Oriental chicken salad tomorrow night. Luckily they also had Smart Balance on BOGO as we are completely out. Then I went across the street to Sprouts and got some of their wonderful beef stew meat (very flavorful) and big drumsticks (I think I'll make chicken cacciatore this time) and some potato soup for lunch. With about a teaspoon of bacon bits in it, and with a side of bread and butter, this made a nice lunch.

My eyelids finally grew heavy about four o'clock, with the nice somnolent dimness in the spare room calling me like a siren. I napped until James got home, and then we had the luscious chicken and dumplings after I took Tucker outside. The folks down the street are having another party! Tucker was overjoyed, however, at the opportunity to chase both a cat and a rabbit.

We did a few errands after supper. We had a 30 percent off CVS coupon, so bought some more Breathe-Rights. At Bed, Bath & Beyond we used an expiring coupon to get James a new carbinator for his Soda Stream, but we had to order the "Cola Free" syrup because they didn't have any (again). I also bought more Plinks for the garbage disposal with another coupon. Finally we went to Kroger to get milk and some vegetables. I found a new "Just Cross-Stitch" on the magazine rack. I keep reminding myself that it's almost August and the first fall magazines should be out soon.

Today has been a lot of great exercise, but damn, I'm tired. Watching game shows on Buzzr is a nice way to wind down. Tucker wouldn't let me take him out; James had to do it! I think he figured James was better protection if the neighbors started "shooting" at him again.

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