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» Friday, June 05, 2015
Let's Get This Straight...

Really, after getting a good night's sleep, what I want to do is straighten out. I'm tired of all this junk! And I'm tired of the stairs with bits of leaf and shed feathers and bits of cut grass on them. So I vacuumed them. Finally. And I did a good vacuuming of just the dining and living room. I had to empty the vacuum cannister three times. It was filled with dog hair.

Between vacuuming and setting up a shelf in the master bath, I copied off Doctor Simon Locke episodes. I have a chance to get a complete—well, complete as it can be, since RetroTV, is missing three episodes—set from someone, but I still want to accumulate what I've been able to record, pixelated corners and all. Of the 23 existent on Retro, I have eighteen. Retro's showing them in mostly broadcast order, but broadcast order was all wonked up anyway; all the episode guides showed that at least three of the earliest stories (where the citizens of Dixon Mills are still accepting Simon) were shown near the end of the run. I put them all on one disk. Maybe if they'd shown this in order it would have been accepted a bit better!

Had dinner at Hibachi Grill, and then went to Publix for twofers. They had green salads on twofer, so we're having Asian chicken salad Sunday night. Also found boneless pork loin on buy one, get one! Dinner for next week; check!

Then home for Doctor Who (Colin Baker's least favorite, "Timelash," with Paul Darrow looking like Richard III) and the final two Locke episodes, unless RetroTV pulls a rabbit out of a hat on Monday. Beats me why episodes are "missing." SFM Entertainment says they own "109 episodes" under the blanket title Police Surgeon (which is a good trick because according to every single episode guide I've seen there are only 104) and they should have all been sold to Retro.

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