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» Saturday, May 30, 2015
Working While You Work

Alas, James was off to work (again) this morning. I used the opportunity to sleep until about 9:30, then gulped some milk and walked the dog. After that, I had work to do. I finally brought the box of Easter decorations downstairs and put up the storage boxes that kept the regular decorations safe while the holiday decorations were up, and brought the shopping bags we used last night at Publix back downstairs. We had a big cardboard box in the downstairs hall and I put that in the garage to collect things for free electronics recycling day. I intend on having a lot of junk in there this year!

Next I swept and scrubbed the kitchen floor, and then did the same to the master bath. The hall bath would have followed, but by the time I finished all that I had a blinding, throbbing sinus headache that would kill a horse, so I took three ibuprofin and laid down for an hour in the dark. When I woke up in slightly less pain I did wash the floor in the hall bath. While waiting for that to dry, I started cleaning in the master bath. It's so cluttered, so I tossed a bunch of stuff and decided to make some use of the empty wall that's just over one end of the jacuzzi tub (yes, the one we've never used). I had some Command hooks and, using them, hung up two narrow baskets for holding pill bottles and other small toiletries. I put up a hook for what was supposed to be the "luxury bath towel" (again, which has never been used), and dusted off the shelf that holds the space heater and the clock. Also hung up the lint remover, and then, with that all sorted, could finally scrub the counters around the two sinks. Looks spiffy now with a lot less stuff to clean up around.

I also made room for the old floor towels on a shelf in the chifforobe. In between I had checked out some self-stick Command shelves on Amazon, and I may order at least one for the bathroom. I want something to go on those blank walls, but unless we use wall anchors they won't stay up because both the bulkhead wall (where the heater is on top of) and the wall that protects the toilet from the swing of the door and provides privacy are basically hollow, no studs in them. I'd rather just use something sticky.

I also redid the calendar on the refrigerator, let Tucker go out on the deck for a while, put up some of the rest of the groceries we bought last night, got rid of a big box that's been taking up room in my craft room, sewed a button on a pair of James' pants, patched his pocket on a pair of jeans, put the germy bedclothes James used while he was sick in the washer, and then followed them later tonight with all the jackets, hats, and gloves, so I can put them up until October.

Oh, and a funny, although I wasn't laughing last night. Last night WANN (which broadcasts a bunch of side-channels which include Moxie, Oldie Goldie, and the station in question, Retro TV) completely died about 5:30. I don't mean the signal skipped, I mean died. So I missed "Mark of the Rani" on Doctor Who and "The Man Who Hunted Hunters" and "Cuckoo in the Nest" on Doctor Simon Locke. I was really pissed about Locke because I'm trying to record them all. This show meant a lot to me. Anyway, I finished up all my work—except, again, for not vacuuming the stairs, dammit—and was making the bed, and I found WANN's number online and I called it and asked, "Hi, I'm a viewer and I wondered if you were aware that your channel has been off the air for over 24 hours!" (I wanted to ask them if they'd forgotten to pay their electric bill, but I was nice.) I'm not sayin' I was responsible, but when we got home tonight WANN (and Retro) were back on the air.

Anyway, I've been corresponding with a fellow Locke fan and he's recording the show and we're going to arrange a trade. Fine with me. This is driving me nuts!

So James came home and we had supper at Panera, then did some store-hopping. I replaced the hooks I used and bought some wood pieces for a project at Michael's, and at JoAnn I bought some extra Command tape and James bought a razor holder. We put off going to Bed, Bath & Beyond for a towel seat cover for the power chair until tomorrow or whenever (the coupon runs out in June) and came home by Baskin-Robbins (another coupon). Anyway, I finished drying the bedclothes and the jackets, etc. have been washed and are drying. Tucker had a nice game of fetch and of "red dot," and James is in the man cave working on a model, and I was watching Time Traveling With Brian Unger again.

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