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» Sunday, May 31, 2015
To Race the Thunder

We weren't in bed until almost three, so it wasn't surprising we slept until eleven. I took Tucker out for a quick walk, then we went up to Bed, Bath & Beyond at Town Center, only to find that their computers were down and they were processing transactions by hand. I left; the lines were extremely long, especially to just buy a beach towel.

Then we had a pleasant hour or so at Barnes & Noble, fueled by coupons. I found the next book of the Gilden Age mysteries and debated a bit and did buy the new book The Great Detective, a history of the Sherlock Holmes character as well as of the stories and Conan Doyle's career. James bought a new Michael Z. Williamson book and a memoir about a British man of Indian descent who moves to the United States and discovers its character by eating its food. Looks cool.

We noticed as we came out of the bookstore that the big, fluffy cumulus clouds were getting bigger and fluffier, but did not yet look ominous, so we took the freeway to Akers Mill Road and I picked up the beach towel at this Bed, Bath & Beyond. This is to put on the seat of his power chair and is colorfully striped in blues with some white. Noticed with delight that it also has anchors at either end!

Once I got done at Bed, Bath & Beyond, we gave the sky another look. It was definitely looking heavy and black southbound as well as westbound. So we took the power chair home, and used my car, which needed gasoline anyway, to go to Kroger. By the time we arrived, black clouds were creeping upward in the sky from all directions. We bought milk and some meat, completely forgetting not only the newspaper, but some ant baits—there are ants in the cab of the truck! I sat in the passenger seat trying to make myself as small as possible and did not allow the book bag to touch the floor. James is off tomorrow so I hope he will go buy some ant baits and put them under the seats!

We managed to make it out of the store with the sky still glowering blackly all around us, and the rain only started when we got home. Finished washing the jackets to put them away for the summer, washed my work clothes because they are so soaked with sweat from it being 80°F in my office, watched two episodes of Time Traveling with Brian Unger and the last of The Big Picture With Kal Penn, then had Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on for a while before watching the RV show. The last of the gravy and pork with ziti tonight for supper, with a Hostess cupcake each for dessert.

The television/satellite box gave us a scare earlier—just after the storm broke the power blipped three times. When the box came back on, there was no sound, although there was sound on "real" TV. I decided to run the satellite signal through the DVD recorder to see if it were the HDMI cord or the box. Eeek! It wouldn't recognize the recorder! So I unplugged the box and the TV for a few minutes and that reset everything, including the sound. You need to be an electronics whiz to get these gadgets to work today!

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