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» Sunday, May 03, 2015
Just Another Manic Sunday

That sun is always too bright, especially at ten o'clock. But then we were up really late, because Mike had turned up on chat and we hadn't spoken to him in awhile. We did not visit our beloved pillows until around 2:30 a.m.

It was business as usual: taking Tucker for a walk, breakfast, and the weekly trip to Kroger. We found some meat bargains, and James picked up ground pork to make "pork glop" with peanut butter. I chose to buy a couple boxes of the Jimmy Dean chicken barbecue sliders and we had one each after we put the groceries away. Two of them make a nice meal; these were just a snack.

There was something, unfortunately, we'd forgotten at Kroger. I wanted wild bird seed anyway, as I had cleaned off the deck last night and noticed how lonesome the empty feeders looked, so we went to Walmart. Of course none of the power carts worked (the ones at Walmart always look like gorillas have used them in games of catch, and some kind person had left chicken bones on the footboards of the dead one I found in the parking lot), so James limped through the store as we picked up the pharmacy item he needed, then I left him at the bench at the pharmacy and went to fetch the birdseed.

On the way home, we stopped at Lowe's to get the parts to fix the shelf in the closet, although it's not going to get done this weekend. It's already after three and it will take us an hour just to get the coats and the pants out of the closet and get ready to work. We had an extra key made as well so that the next time one of us gets locked out there's a chance a friend will have the correct one!

Once at home, we refilled the can and I topped off the bird feeders and put out the finch sock I bought at Kroger. I always whistle as I refill the feeders, in the hope that the birds will come to associate the whistling with full feeders. (I know, how Pavlovian.) It must work because there have been two cardinals, two chickadees, and a titmouse there already. :-) I'm hoping the finch sock will bring the goldfinches back—at least before the damn squirrel chews through it.

Sat down to watch some things off the DVR. Saw an episode of The New Lassie that Angel2 had previously not rerun. I don't remember this episode at all; it's the "infamous" one that features a young Leonardo DiCaprio. Despite that, it was a pretty good episode, with a rattlesnake threatening an antique shop owner whom Will is doing business with for a baseball card. Stopped the DVR-ing long enough to watch the last fifteen minutes of the Pioneers of Television special on Robin Williams. Still makes me cry.

Next a new Brian Unger show, Time Travels. Once again Unger investigates historical events, but this one is much better than the second season of How the States Got Their Shapes. In each episode, Unger goes to two locations, and takes five people along with him to discover hidden history. The first episode featured the Golden Gate Bridge (they went down into the piers where the suspension wires are buried) and the first famous skyscraper in New York City, the Woolworth Building—apparently tourists aren't allowed inside! What a shame; the lobby is so beautiful, with fretwork and mosaic work, and Frank Woolworth's office in the penthouse is mostly marble. The second show featured the gunfight at the O.K. Corral (secret: that wasn't where the gunfight was held) and "divorce ranches" from the 1930s-1960s. I have the rest of the series scheduled to record!

We watched the last Big Picture I had recorded, about trash and the recycling of same, as we ate dinner, the shrimp from Trader Joe's with spaghetti in garlic butter sauce on the side. Now we are watching Star Talk with Christopher Nolan as the guest star.

Next up: Call the Midwife!

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