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» Sunday, May 17, 2015
In Search of...

Left James having breakfast after a late sleep, to go pick up a few more things at Kroger. I got him some soup for lunch, a rotisserie chicken so we wouldn't have to cook tonight, some Hormel beef tips and gravy, and a few other things, and picked up a prescription. Came home to put the things up, had some soup for myself, and then dragged myself off to Lowe's in search of a mailbox post. They had them, of course, but did not have anyone to install them.

It was already hot and miserable, but I went over to Home Depot. Had a bit of difficulty finding the right department (mailbox posts are with hardware at Lowe's, but with lumber in Home Depot), but once I got there, they were very helpful. When I said neither James or I could install the post, the clerk put a request for quotes with four companies on something called "Red Beacon," which I guess is like Thumbtack. These people would call us at home and talk to us about installing a mailbox post. As I walked out of the store and called home, asking James to pick up the phone if it rang (we don't usually), the line was already busy! In fact, two people had already called, and James was talking to a third! He said he could come over first thing tomorrow morning to check out the job, and he gave me a rough estimate. I said okay, and then called up the first person who had left a message to see what he had to say. Well, he could come over right then to give me a quote. James was back in bed by then and I was dearly in need of a nap as I hadn't slept well and my left leg was hurting from hip to ankle, but I told him to come on over and spent the rest of the time finally taking down the Easter decorations from the foyer and putting up the minor summer ones: the seashore display on the blue table and the forest animals and trees on the divider. He came just as I finished.

To make a long story short, he not only gave me a lesser estimate, but he said he would try to replace the number plate that is on all the other mailbox posts (with our house number in black, incised letters) and he'd buy paint and paint the new post, too. So I took the deal, and then immediately notified the other two people who had called. The guy I'd talked to on the phone sounded a bit miffed and I was upset about it all night. I hate having to make decisions where someone "loses."

But I think a lot of this was because I was so worried about James.

He decided he wanted Chinese, so we didn't have the rotisserie chicken after all. I had wings and he had something spicy. We watched things off the DVR—and, oh, finally, they are replaying the Bing Crosby special I missed in December, so I programmed it!—including a very creepy Big Picture about virus spreads, until it was time for Call the Midwife. This was the season finale and ended happily for some (Chummy came back from the Mother's Home and made a decision about her mother's ashes, Bert and Violet's relationship eventually ended happily, a young deaf mother gave birth with her husband there to translate for her, as the midwives have been pushing for) and devastatingly for others (Trixie had to admit something she had been denying, Patsy and Delia's friendship reached an insurmountable empasse, and another young mother with severe nausea got medical assistance that helped her, but there was a catch). Very emotional throughout, and it was wonderful to see Miranda Hart again!

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