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» Saturday, May 09, 2015
The Collie, the Doll, and the Wardrobe

It's always something. :-)

After breakfast and having walked the dog, we set to work on Operation Closet. We had all the parts, all the items were cleared out of the back of the closet, James had gone downstairs to get the drill and the bits and the screws...wait. Stud finder? Check! Pencil? Check! Hooks? Check! Supports? Check! Drill and bits? Check! Two inch deck screws?

What, we only have three-inch deck screws?

So our shelf project was on hold about a half hour while we went to Vickery Hardware for two-inch drywall screws. And I did manage to remember to pick up a 9-foot extension cord for the Christmas tree, so that's finally off my to-do list.

The shelf itself was anticlimactic. I used the wall patch mixture to cover the neat drywall-anchor-sized holes, and then we installed the shelf in the studs this time, and I vacuumed the mess of drywall powder left on the rug. Then we went out for lunch at Williamson Barbecue. I don't know why we bother ordering entree plates when we'd both be satisfied with the appetizer plate of riblets! (Just wish they wouldn't drown it in so much sauce.) But we had a coupon, so now we have something extra for pot-luck night. Finally we stopped at Sam's Club to get an antenna for James' television. It's cheaper to buy the pair at Sam's than to buy the single antenna full price. Since we were there, we got milk, Skinny Pop, and canned mushrooms.

Once we were home, the patch compound was dry, so I sanded it down and pulled out the can of paint we used to cover the scars of the repair the wall in the kitchen, and I painted all the patches, and also some scuffs and nicks. I vacuumed once more and then left it for a while as I did other things. For supper we just scrounged around in the closet; I had Grape Nuts. Later on, when I was sure the paint was dry, I moved the stuff back in the closet. This time I put the big suitcase with the smaller one inside it in the corner, my baking board and the two boards we put on the stove for the serving dishes when we have a party against the wall, and then in a row next to the suitcases the "bug-out" backpacks we have in case of emergencies. Next I hung up the winter coats, my work-in-the-yard pants, my dress pants, my jeans, and James' dress pants. On the shelf I put the carry-on size suitcase, the toiletries case we use for the critters' food and the dog's bowls, the other foam pillow we got with the mattress, and a spare feather pillow.

There was a casualty. Corey, the big stuffed collie dog I bought for myself when I first went to work—Mom kept him after I left home and she always claimed he looked so real that she felt safer—and Matilda, the doll my Papà brought me home from Italy, were in the corner when the shelf fell. Matilda has a dent in her head. She looks pretty shabby anyway because she's either been in the attic or the basement most of her life. I wasn't actually allowed to play with her. I know I could take her to a doll hospital, but I kind of wonder what's the use—I don't have a little girl to hand her down to.

James had to go to bed early due to work tomorrow, but I stayed up a bit past midnight chatting with Emma before I gave into the soreness and retreated to bed myself.

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