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» Monday, May 25, 2015
A Day of Rest and Gratitude

We took it easy today: slept late, then used some coupons to get a breakfast sandwich (James) and bagel (me) plus a doughnut at Dunkin Donuts. Gave the iced coffee coupon away. Felt so bad for the employees; the doors were wide open because they had no air conditioning! It was like an oven inside. The lady who was working the ovens got a fan; that's all. We sat outside in the shade and contemplated how fast the weekend had gone by.

Then we went up to Akers Mill and I ran into Petco to get Tucker some new "poopy bags." They had them "buy two, get one free," and I thought I'd gotten a good deal until I saw the prices on the poop bags at Bed, Bath & Beyond, our next stop, to get James a new carbinator for his Soda Stream. The Petco bags are bigger and a bit thicker, but as long as they keep my hands away from the poop, I don't care about the thickness, and he ain't a big pooper. Phooey.

Then we had a nice hour or so at Barnes & Noble. I got a remainder book (Simon Winchester's The Men Who United the States) with my coupon, and James some magazines and a book about aircraft dogfights. Made a note of some books to buy with the 20 percent off coupons we have that expire in June.

We came home exhausted from the sun. James was feeling under the weather again, so he retreated to the bedroom and took a long nap. Bothers me, but the doctor did say it would take him some time to heal. I watched two episodes of The New Lassie, then found over an hour to go left on A Day for Thanks on Waltons Mountain, one of the three followup movies to The Waltons that were broadcast on NBC. They couldn't use the theme song, but I find I am still fond of the theme song used for these three films. The followup CBS films had Richard Thomas and got to use the familiar theme, but they messed up the timeline so badly that I've always been less fond of them.

James made a nice steak for supper, with onions and mushrooms, with baby Yukon Golds for a side. For dessert we had a doughnut.

Well, around suppertime a rainstorm came roaring through. Whap, off went Retro TV no matter what I did. I completely missed the first two parts of "The Twin Dilemma" (Colin Baker's first story) on Doctor Who, and was in despair of seeing Doctor Simon Locke (again) when I went into the spare room and found Retro was coming in nearly perfectly there! So I portaged the digital decoder back there and recorded the episodes. There were a few drop-outs, but not like the first time I watched the episodes in April, and it was quite understandable. Odd that 30 feet makes such a difference in the signal!

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Today I had the freedom to rise when I wanted, shop where I liked, watch any television program I wished. Those freedoms were bought for me by the men and women of our Armed Forces. Today, on Memorial Day, I thank those who gave their lives to keep us free.

God bless you and hold you in the palm of His hands.

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