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» Friday, April 17, 2015
Websites = Timesink

Oh, I had so many plans for cleaning today!

Well, I did manage to clean off most of the horizontal attractant; otherwise known as the dining room table. I put the oyster crackers in a glass jar, put up the rest of the stuff we bought at Buford and Trader Joe's, and put away James' fruit bars. Still don't have any place for the juice boxes I bought to take to 221B, but then we will use them in a few weeks for Timegate. Probably need to plan to take our lunch, at least, as the new hotel's restaurant is horribly expensive. Can't believe we finally got the restaurant to behave halfway decently at the old hotel after so many years and now the venue is changed!

Did some tidying in the kitchen at least and reloaded the dishwasher and washed, and of course Tucker and I had our walk (and it started raining, as it has for the past week).

I was entrapped quite willingly for most of the afternoon by my Doctor Simon Locke webpage; since RetroTV isn't showing the other three episodes, I might as well finish up what I intended to do when I completed the descriptions. On odd nights when Retro was coming in halfway decently, I pointed my camera at the screen—yes, a very old-fashioned method, camera copying! this is how I saw my first episodes of Blake's 7—and took short movies of what was playing on the television, clips of about one to two minutes. This is how I got the screen caps for the titles already on the page as well. Today I took the rest of the screen caps and distributed them liberally about the page (capped a couple more today and redid both the opening graphic and the actors' title photos in the cast section). Then I went through, rewrote a bit here and there, and proofread. All that was left was the upload.

By this time spending so much time at the monitor was making the letters on the screen dance before my eyes, so I quit and made the bed and put some other junk away. James got out an hour early so that we were sure we'd get to the mechanic before they closed, and we picked up the truck, then had supper at Giovanni's. I love this place to death, but, man, where are they getting their spaghetti sauce? It tastes like someone tossed a sugar bowl in it.

It was raining when we left and raining when we got there and raining when we headed home. A good night to sleep! Instead we watched the end of "The Visitation" on Doctor Who and later on Police Surgeon.

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