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» Saturday, April 25, 2015
Waiting for the Rain

The weather report looked rather grim last night, with rain predicted in two waves, one sometime in the morning, one sometime in the afternoon, with thunderstorms and dire predictions. If there was thunder this morning we slept flat through it. I might have seen some lightning when I used the bathroom at seven. Otherwise, it was just cloudy and humid, with a nice breeze, when I took Tucker out. James had made the couscous for Hair Day last night, but it looked puny in its plastic container this morning, so he made a bit more while I was out with the dog.

Very small Hair Day today. We had expected at least two more, Juanita and Jessie, but Juanita's brother had a stroke yesterday, so we did not expect her. Phyllis made the main course, barbecue lamb, and we also had Lin's fabulous Asian salad and veggies with dip, and for dessert, Charles brought Klondike bars. We were there till about two, talking about all and sundry, and then we left to go home and get the power chair so we could wander around the Jonquil Festival for about an hour.

Not only didn't it rain, but the sun came out and James forgot his hat, so I gave him mine (he's the one who takes meds that make him sensitive to sun). We bought some buttons from the Button Girl—he actually got four, I only got one, the only Sleepy Hollow button they had!—and another small bottle of wildflower honey and some "Lose a Finger" dog cookies for Tucker. These look like peas and when he's pestering me while I'm teleworking I like to get eight or ten and toss them around the dining/living room and tell him to go find the cookie. We looked around the food trucks, but just decided to come home and eat leftovers (jerk chicken for James and spaghetti for me) and watch This Old House and yesterday's Hawaii Five-0 as well as last Sunday's Call the Midwife.

Incidentally, it never rained at all.

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