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» Sunday, April 19, 2015
Soggy Sunday

You know it's been raining too much when you take the dog out and he doesn't want to walk on the grass!

But, honestly, we outdid ourselves this morning! Now, granted, we went to bed a little after two, but when I finally woke up, it was 12:15! We haven't slept that late in ages! Oh, we used to do that long ago, when the Phoenix Science Fiction Society meetings would end late and then we'd go to dinner and get home at two and three, or those insomniac nights when we'd go to ::sob!:: Oxford Books, which stayed open until two, or even the nights we'd stay up on WENN chat until two or three, but not lately. James said he did wake up around ten, but he was hurting so much he took some Naproxen and came back to bed. I don't remember, as I was happily in the arms of Morpheus.

We did want a paper and I did want to go by the library to renew my card and I did want a look at the new cross-stitch magazines, so we got up, I walked Tucker, and then we went off downtown via Wendy's for a fast meal.

Wow, I hadn't been to the library in so long they couldn't even find my card number and had to give me a new one! I find little time to go to the library anymore; I used to reserve things online and then have them sent to the Sibley Library so I could pick them up, but after they cut the library budget (rather than, of course, cutting the fat cats' salaries) and closed Sibley on Friday I just got out of the habit.

From there we went to the Barnes & Noble at Town Center, which has the best selection of cross-stitch magazines. I wasn't impressed by any of the patterns, but I did find a cool book called A Brief Guide to The Sound of Music. Why am I buying another SOM book when the FAQ book turned out to be such a snooze? Well, because this had the sort of thing that I was expecting from the FAQ book: for instance, it has a synopsis about each of the two German movies about the Trapp family, plus synopses of each of the episodes of the Japanese anime versions. That's more like it!

We'd apparently slept through all the rain, wind, and storm that was supposed to spring on us last night, but it was still dark, miserable, and humid all day. We treated ourselves to a BOGO deal at Baskin-Robbins, then stopped at Publix for the double Sunday paper (a waste since there was only one packet of coupons). By the time we got home, it was nearly suppertime. We watched one of the four episodes of season seven of Murdoch Mysteries we had on DVD from Netflix, then James warmed up the Italian wedding soup and we had that with the scones from yesterday.

The chaser was three more Murdoch episodes—and now it's time to get lunches ready and go to bed! Hope I'm as sleepy tonight!

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