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» Thursday, April 16, 2015
Restocking the Larder

So when I took Tucker outside this morning, I had to pull him back immediately to grab my jacket. Damn! It was chilly out there! It turned out it was about 55°F, cloudy, breezy (my favorite weather!), and it pretty much stayed there all day. Which made it perfect when we ended up doing what we did.

Since James worked Sunday, he had today off, and I took today off as well so he could get new tires installed on the truck; one is starting to bald while the other looked like it had a slow leak. We also ended up ordering the heavy-duty shocks; they'll be put on tomorrow, and he'll take my car to work. Me, I've got housework to do anyway.

After we dropped off the truck, we had breakfast at IHOP (let's hear it for the senior menu!), then headed east, skirting a tremendous line of people queuing up for I-285 by taking the alternate exit. I was originally headed for Sprouts, but we ended up at the Buford Highway Farmer's Market first. I wanted frisee and they're about the only place that has it, and I was jonesing for lupini beans; I got them, but had to buy a big jar. I'll have enough for a while. We also got pork kabobs, which will make great pork cacciatore, some great chicken legs, and some pork chops, more Asian noodles, spaetzle, and of course some peppermint Ritter bars for dessert. With the Russian cards they also had some Russian books, and I was delighted to recognize a Russian-language version of Tom Sawyer. Thursday morning is a great time to come—I've never seen the place less crowded!

We lucked out at Sprouts; they not only had the Italian wedding soup, but they had their chicken noodle soup as well. (We got both, and had the chicken soup for supper—or rather high tea, since we hadn't eaten lunch, so ate the moment we got home—and it's quite good! Not too salty, with big thick noodles and nice big slices of carrot.)

Stopped at Barnes & Noble for a few minutes; nothing much new out, but did get a new "Remind" magazine. It's really not worth the money for a "retro" magazine, since mostly it's just full of puzzles, but it had a story about the 1964 World's Fair.

Our final grocery stopping shop was Trader Joe's, where we got some cupcakes for dessert, another container of miso soup, chicken sausage, fruit bars for James, and some "shrimp nuggets," which are just whole shrimp in breading. We sampled them, and they were just so good. I also bought a bottle of vodka pasta sauce, as we've had some crab ravioli in the freezer for ages but haven't eaten it because regular tomato sauce would just blot out the taste of the crab.

Gas was 2.159 at Costco, and that was our actual last stop. James put the groceries away while I walked Tucker, we had the chicken soup, and then lazed around the television for the rest of the night: Ellen, the news, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, Doctor Who (parts 1 and 2 of "The Visitation"), this week's Big Bang Theory and a rerun, and finally two episodes of Police Surgeon. These were supposed to start tonight, after Retro Television finished showing Doctor Simon Locke; to my dismay they only showed 23 of the 26 episodes and started Police Surgeon on Tuesday's second showing. It's a really depressing show; I think they scraped the underbelly of every 1970s cliche crime: criminal fathers deserting sick kids, drug smugglers, an ex-con who betrays Simon who's trying to help him. One of the episodes tonight was a bit more character-driven (Simon rides with a cop whose partner was killed to determine if he's fit for duty), but the other one had a Mission Impossible-ish cliche Hispanic dictator and the people who were trying to kill him. Sam Groom still plays Dr. Simon Locke and Len Birman is now Lt. Dan Palmer; it's like they're Simon and Dan from Dixon Mills in an alternate universe (which means they're still sniping at each other).

Retro says the three missing episodes ("Marooned," "The Wanderer," and "Gun Point") aren't in their package, which is bizarre because on their web page SFM Entertainment, the distributor, says they own all 109 episodes—good trick, as there are only 104 episodes of the Doctor Simon Locke/Police Surgeon combo in its CTV listing—did they not sell Retro all the episodes that exist? I'm bummed because (1) I wanted to update all the descriptions on my Locke web page and (2) I particularly wanted to see "Marooned" again because Simon and Dan are forced to cooperate with each other to survive rather than exchanging barbs at each other. LOL. I've found at least two other people on the Retro Facebook page that prefer Locke to Surgeon!

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