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» Sunday, April 05, 2015
One Fine Easter Day
Just after midnight I went outside to put up the Easter banner, and I also pulled the resin cross from the background and put it on top of the china cabinet among the vintage-looking decorations. I never feel comfortable putting them up until Easter Sunday has begun. Then I continued chatting with Emma, and James and I watched the October 1962 episode of Our World.

Needless to say, when I woke up this morning, I found James sitting at the side of the bed. "What time is it?" "Oh, about quarter to ten." That's all I remember until 10:53. :-)

After breakfast we drove out to Acworth to see if Books-a-Million was open (basically the same thing we did last year). It was perfect out, just chill enough for me to wear my pashmina and James his light jacket and have the windows down in the truck. The Bradford pear trees are now gree-leafed instead of looking like big snowballs and it's way past forsythia blossoms, but there are flowering plums and cherry in purple and magenta still, and azaleas blooming in vivid reds and pinks, and now the white and pink dogwood flowers are out as well. We took our favorite "country" route, West Sandtown past "Addie's Pond" (a development that really has a pond, unlike all the "[Fillintheblank] Farms"), briefly on Dallas Highway, then down Due West Road, which goes schizoid at one intersection where Due West turns left, or goes right as Due West Kennesaw Road, and straight as Due West Acworth Road (got that yet?). There's only one shopping area, at that Due West crossroads, and the rest of it are homes, small acreages, and a few scattered developments.

Had a lovely browse in Books-a-Million and got a new "Just Cross Stitch" and two decorating magazines, a discount book of Christmas humor, and a book I bought totally on a whim, Born on a Mountaintop, about the fictional concepts of Davy Crockett as compared to the reality of the man, with a big picture of Fess Parker on the cover. Intriguing. James and I shared a frozen hot chocolate—they really do them so well here—and then had an equally nice ride home.

Sat down to watch the Addie Mills story The Easter Promise after we arrived home. Drat it, these stories will never get a good DVD release; all the interior shots had vertical streaks up the very left edge. Otherwise the picture is very nice; they seemed to have solved the problem with the house scenes being too dark and the garden scene being too glaring.

During dinner, a yummy concoction of ham slices with a glaze of pineapple/cherry/honey, garlic potatoes, and corn on the cob, we watched Here Comes Peter Cottontail. If nothing else, Rankin-Bass will keep Casey Kasem's memory alive.

Afterwards we watched Friday's Hawaii Five-0 and then it was time for Call the Midwife.

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