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» Saturday, April 18, 2015
Go Out Early, Come Home Early...
Since it was high time we went to the Farmer's Market, we got up this morning and went. There was brief debate on whether we should go because of the expected rain, since we had to take the chair, but luckily it was just cloudy and damp and a bit miserably humid when we set out. We took Tucker with us, and luckily found a handicapped parking space right on the square, near the old jewelry and coin shop, which was completely empty! I stopped there last during my annual Christmas excursion, since they always had a variety of nostalgic things among the jewelry and the junk. In the interim they have moved—or closed, whatever.

Tucker again was on sensory overload. Fed him a tiny bit of bacon from Pine Street Market, and you should have seen his eyes as that delectable, fresh-cooked morsel came toward him. He touched noses with a lot of dogs, but the cutest was with an Old English Sheepdog puppy, who desperately wanted to PLAY! And he wanted to play back. Darn those leashes!

We picked up a big blueberry scone to eat then, since we left the house without breakfast, and five smaller scones, three chocolate and two bacon, cheddar, and chive ones to eat with our soup tomorrow night. We also picked up dog biscuits and James got a couple of mini-pies from the Sweet Auburn lady. They also had a run going on downtown, and some local businesses on display along with crafts (Tupperware and all that) that we walked through, and then we went back to the truck via the park where Tucker got himself cuddled by a young father and his little girl. Dogs know a soft touch; the guy was a dog owner.

We brought Tucker home and played "red dot" (the laser pointer) with him before consigning him to the crate with some breakfast and, of course, a cookie, and went off to BJs. It's the only weekend we can go and we needed toilet paper. Boy, did we get a lot more: BreatheRights, Jamaican meat patties, pineapple cups, Skinny Pop, Chex Mix for my lunch, etc. Plus we had to renew membership. Whew. Glad BJs takes credit cards; more points for Amazon!

This was all towed home from BJs, and then we decided to get the ordinary stuff out of the way [Later: A good thing, too.] because it's supposed to pour, thunder, lightning and all sorts of pleasant things tomorrow until noon. So we went to Kroger for just a few things (milk, yogurt, wheat Chex to mix with the Chex Mix, etc.) and, dammit, they didn't have the chocolate whips again. I complained to both the dairy attendant and the checkout person; this apparently is Yoplait's most popular flavor, since it's always sold out, and they need to stock more. I couldn't let it go, either, or I wouldn't have any for breakfast, so we stopped by Publix and I bought the measly eight they had in stock.

And then we truly were done and could sit down and watch This Old House and Hawaii Five-0. Later James "computed" and I chatted with Emma and worked on a story.

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