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» Friday, April 10, 2015
Elementary, My Dear Kroger

Grrr. Forgot to shut off my alarm and then never really got back to sleep. Set the alarm for another half hour and then did get back to sleep.

After breakfast and walking Tucker, went to Kroger. It was raining quite smartly by then and I was glad of my hat and my brolly. Kroger was having a good sale on many things, so I bought James more pudding, but, alas, only one cup of yogurt; the Whips were 39 cents each and the shelves were stripped. Found mandarin oranges in juice—finally. The oranges packed in water and monk fruit juice taste terrible. Back home, rather wet, unloaded the groceries, did a few tidying things and packed my backpack with a few snacks. I had bought a quarter of a pound of roast beef, too, and made two sandwiches, one for Sunday lunch and another for Saturday supper, since only the breakfast buffet in that hotel is affordable! Also made a Saturday lunch of peanut butter and jelly. I have fruit and juice boxes, nuts and...okay, I have Cheetos, too. :-)

Spent the last half hour playing with Tucker; how he loves that laser pointer! He'll chase it until he's flat out of breath. And he knows where the little light comes from; when I put the pointer down on my desk he came begging and making crying sounds, until I played more with it. He just loves to chase things, even if it's a dot of light.

Left after one and went to the Panera near Cumberland Mall. Wow, it was packed. It looked like someone stopped a tour bus there. I had my soup outside, where it was quieter (the rain had stopped for now) and had my tuna sandwich wrapped up to go.

Since registration wasn't opening for a while, I went to the Perimeter Barnes & Noble, read two chapters of The Angel Court Affair, and cruised the books. It was almost four when I got to the hotel to register for 221B, and it turned out registration had opened at three, so there was no line. This gave me time to peruse the schedule and also to talk with Oreta at the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company sale table. Naaman successfully conquered Army basic training, and is on his way to Missouri to learn to operate heavy equipment.

At five I went to my first panel, about fiber arts. I was hoping it would include cross stitch, but it was just about knitting (although some of the knitters also spun their own thread, too). They had some killer examples of fannish knitting, including a stunning bee-themed yellow and black scarf with the bees and the honeycomb, and 221B on it. It was gorgeous! Apparently wallpaper patterns (the loud wallpaper in Sherlock) is quite the thing and there was a wallpaper scarf there on display, and patterns online for gloves, mitts, scarves, blanket squares, etc.

I did a quick spin around the dealers room as the knitters compared notes, then came back for Lee Shackleford's panel. Lee wrote a play called Holmes & Watson, about his theory of how Watson reacted when Holmes came back from the dead. Apparently there was some complicated gadgetry in it that didn't work on stage and now the play is done a bit differently. The play ended up going off Broadway (!!!) and Lee played Holmes. He also came up with the story idea for Professor Moriarty turning up on the holodeck of the USS Enterprise-D in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He's now producing a new Holmes and Watson story in which both characters are women. Unfortunately the viewing is up against the ARTC performance. ::sigh::

Next I was planning to go to the panel show panel (British panel shows, since we don't do such an animal) and then the "Watsons Through Time" panel, but near the end of Lee Shackleford's panel, James texted me. He'd locked his keys in the truck and therefore couldn't get in the house or go anywhere else! I told him I thought Alice still had our key and she tried to help him, but it was the key from the old house. So I left the panel show panel—except for QI, I hadn't heard of any of them—and went to rescue him. Luckily the "raining pitchforks and little fishes" event that had been on when he was on his way home from work was over and it was just drizzling drearily as I headed west on I-285.

If I hadn't already planned to leave at nine p.m., so I could be home for Doctor Simon Locke, I would have just let him in and gone back, but it was too stupid to go back one hour for a panel I'd seen last year anyway. Instead I was able to see "Four to Doomsday" on Doctor Who, which I don't even remember, but then I realize my viewings of the Peter Davison and Colin Baker Whos were rather spotty. Poor James hadn't even gotten to eat, because his supper was locked in the truck, too!

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