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» Saturday, March 14, 2015
Unconventional Breakfasts and Other Saturday Tales

James went off to work this morning, leaving me in the arms of Morpheus. He was a bit too possessive and kept me occupied until 9:45. So when I got up I walked Tucker immediately. It was still cool outside and I needed a jacket.

As we were coming into the house, I took a long look at the bushes in the front of the house. They are too tall again.and I had intended trimming them when it was cold, except I was either busy or it was frippin' raining. It's getting so warm they soon will be sending out new shoots. So I sent Tucker inside, grabbed the hedge trimmer and the extension cord, and trimmed, hacked, and zipped off as much as possible (what I really want to do is take all the bushes back to when they were small individual bushes, but I don't have the "firepower"—a small chainsaw or a larger hedge trimmer—for that as some of the branches are very thick now). Just in time, too, because under the old frostbitten leaves were buds with little pink flowers. I tried to keep as much as I could. I also trimmed the nandina bushes flanking St. Francis.

All this time I was looking at my watch because I wanted to get to Kroger before it got any warmer. Once finished with the bushes, I grabbed my pouch and was off.

Having forgotten to eat breakfast. ::sigh:: The hunger pangs hit as soon as I reached "the Ditch."

Picked up the essentials (bread, bananas, yogurt, pudding, burritos), plus some toiletries and turkey thighs. As later on, there seemed to be more cars in the parking lot than there were people in the store. As I was checking out they were promoting MDA, and anyone who gave a dollar got a free root beer float or a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. The latter wasn't a regulation breakfast, but it did fill me up long enough so I could put the cold things in the insulated bag and stop at the book sale on the way home. (It wasn't a commercial ice cream sandwich, either, but mint chocolate chip ice cream between two Kroger bakery cookies. Realllllly too sweet.)

The results of that post-Kroger excursion are here.

Brought everything home and tucked it all away, put some things up, then finished the rest of Hell and Good Company, about the Spanish Civil War, and sorted out the books and had some cereal and yogurt for a late lunch. Watched another of the BBC documentaries about country houses, this one bigger than Buckingham Palace, with over three hundred rooms! The stable block was as huge as an ordinary manor house.

Once James got home, we had supper at SteviB's Pizza (so we could have pizza "pi" for Pi Day) and then stopped at Publix for few more things (like the new shower cap I've needed for a month now, and some miniature French silk "pis" for dessert) before coming home and watching the next set of Murdoch Mysteries.

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