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» Sunday, March 29, 2015
Tucker's Day Out
James and I both availed ourselves of a nice sleep-in this morning, so that our breakfast was practically lunch. I tried the mocha chocolate chip yogurt and wasn't that impressed; it was overly sweet (mixed with the usual sour of yogurt) and had none of the delightful coffee flavor Yoplait's former cafe au lait had. :-(

We needed birdseed and James needed a new carbonator for his Soda Stream, so we loaded the power chair up, harnessed Tucker, and took him along with us. It was a lovely day, sunny, still winter-skyed, and cool. Tucker had a grand time, I think, except he didn't know what to make of it when James disappeared inside Bed, Bath & Beyond. He started to cry, so I walked him down to Uncle Maddio's pizza and back. (There's a place there we need to try, Tin Drum. It's an Asian place. It says they have osobi and noodle dishes and a teriyaki, and also curries.) I sat down in one of the two lawn chairs BB&B had out front and Tucker stationed himself in my lap, whimpering each time someone walked in or out of the store. One lady petted him and said "Your daddy's in the Beyond, isn't he? Went right past the Beds and the Bath and got lost in the Beyond." :-)

Then we drove to PetSmart to get Snowy more seeds. Tucker sniffed noses nicely with a female German Shepherd, but a male one bowed right up at him, twice. He passed two cockatiels in their very low cage and one fluffed up and bared its beak and jumped at him. Toys were buy two, get one free, so we got him a new fox, a new chew bone, and a new tug rope, plus some Greenies and a new tag because his name is worn off the old one.

We had a BOGO for Baskin-Robbins, so we had our dessert before our dinner and went through the drive-through: mint chocolate chip for him, and jamoca almond fudge for me, Tucker looking miffed because he couldn't have any. Then we passed by Vickery Hardware so James could pick up silicon gel to replace the passenger-side mirror on the truck, and finally we ended up at the Race-Trac on Powder Springs Road to get some discount gasoline. By now Tucker was tuckered out as well.

We fished some chicken-breast-or-maybe-it-was-pork cacciatore out of the freezer and had it over elbow noodles for supper. Watched a couple of Titanic stories, including Saving the Titanic, a dramatization about the ship's engineers, and Len Goodman's Titanic, as well as the first episode of the new season of Call the Midwife. Introducing a new midwife, with a heartbreaking story about a little neglected boy and his younger sisters.

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