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» Sunday, March 08, 2015

So glad when Friday was over! Now, with combining compressed days plus days off, I won't have to work a Friday again until the middle of April. Whew!

James got out early Friday evening because of all the evenings he had worked late, so we beat the crowd to Longhorn and had a nice dinner before "eating the frog." (You know, if you "eat a frog," a.k.a. do a distasteful task every morning before breakfast, you have little to fear for the rest of the day.) I picked up my new glasses on Monday, and was I disappointed, especially after what I paid for the damn things! I wore them for only one hour on Monday and a couple of hours on Tuesday because, while I could see to drive properly, I could not for the life of me read on either computer, the one at work and the one at home. I was reduced to tilting the earpieces up at about a 15 percent angle from my ears to see anything on either screen, and they hurt like the dickens. Anyway, we didn't get much satisfaction back at Visionworks. The woman we spoke to babbled about "binocular vision," but mostly said that the prescription was fine and I was the one who was going to have to get used to them even if I had to enlarge the fonts on my computer screen and put my copy in a different place. Say what? I can see with my old glasses, but not with my new ones? What's wrong with this picture?

Needless to say, I was perturbed for the rest of the night.

Saturday was a much happier day. We started out by going to the Farmer's Market and we took Tucker with us. He was majorly overstimulated by the people, the smells, the food, and the dogs, dogs, dogs everywhere; he sniffed noses with a Chihuahua, two Goldendoodles, a spaniel, and a variety of others, tall (a huge Great Dane) and small (a rescue puppy who so wanted to play). The lady at Big Daddy Dog Biscuits fed him a cookie, several children petted him, several other people said he was cute. It was chilly when we started out, so he was wearing his "Trouble Maker" shirt, which made several people laugh, and meanwhile James could peruse at his leisure in the chair. Because we had arrived later than usual, the British store The Corner Shop was open by the time we completed the circuit, so we each took a turn going in. Tucker did not like this at all and the proprietor was laughing at the worried way he would go to the door, staring inside, and then pacing back and forth.

We brought him home and then went out to Peachtree Corners and the Prado. We bought some yummy-looking clam chowder for Sunday supper and a few other things (but completely missed that grapes were on sale, dammit), including their lunch combo. It had warmed up very quickly past noon, so that was a sunny, almost too-warm day by then, and we ate outside the store on a bench kindly provided. James ate only half of his roast beef sandwich because it was really large enough for both of us. I had tuna, which is okay; too much onion, though, and not enough celery. Then we went across to Barnes & Noble to see if there was anything to spend a coupon on. James got two magazines, and I found an Elementary novel! Finally we stopped at Trader Joe's to pick up some staples (miso ginger broth, instant broth, oyster crackers, etc.) and found them selling a delicious packaged mandarin orange chicken for only $5. We bought some as a treat, and had the clam chowder for Saturday supper instead. I thinned it out a little with milk, added some butter and bacon bits, and it was delicious, with real clams in it—recognizable bits of clam. (Clams in the clam chowder has been a running gag with us ever since the night we went to the Shoney's that used to be near Lindbergh and Piedmont Roads, jonesing for some hot soup. Their clam chowder sounded great, until we discovered there were no clams in it, and barely any potatoes, either.) Alas, the Smyrna Sprouts isn't opening until June! Très désolé!

Once supper was over I spent a half hour turning all the clocks forward except for the counter-clock to remind us of the right time for one last night. However, we went to bed on Daylight F**king Saving Time, and were rewarded with a lousy night's sleep, partially due to the warm night and partially because of the time change. I had a dream about a missing credit card all night; it was quite aggravating.

Today we had the regular shopping to do and a trip to Costco. We didn't really need anything at Kroger, so we just went to Publix to pick up the few grocery things we needed, and then went to Costco for the expensive stuff: trash bags, omeprazole, and ibuprofin (which we were dead out of), and then things like milk and canned fruit. The price merely made my eyes bulge.

James didn't feel like going anywhere else and spending anymore money, to which I heartily concurred. I caught up on Elementary and he logged a couple of hours on the computer, and we really enjoyed the orange chicken served with glass noodles (they look like spaghetti, but they're "clear").

[Followup 03/09/2015: I made an appointment for a recheck with the Visionworks optometrist today; and he looked at my eyes again and assured me that the prescription was okay, only a tiny bit stronger than last time. Then he had me see one of the employees who was a licensed optician, and this man worked with me over a half hour, adjusting the glasses, the eyepads, the temples...and whatever he did worked, because now I can read the computer. He said the glasses were not centered properly where they should be, but by manipulation of the frame he changed it. After all that, I hate to still complain, but I'm sorry I got the slightly larger lenses. These things are heavy.]

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