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» Sunday, March 15, 2015
Food With Friends

We had a good sleep-in this morning, Tucker had his walk, and then we puttered around eating breakfast and doing bills until it was time to leave for the Marlay House for the BritTrack Get Together. We left early, and a good thing: the good weather had everyone out, and there were at least two cars broken down in the middle lanes of I-75 southbound. Otherwise we had a nice ride with windows rolled down and a view of burgeoning spring blooms: forsythia, daffodils, and all sorts of trees (Bradford pears, cherry, magnolia).

When we got to the Marlay House they had the handicapped parking space blocked with some sort of tent arrangement, probably for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day festivities, but they moved things around so we could park. Rob and Beth were already there, and we were soon joined by others, including Caro and Jason Brown, and Robert and Karen Ray. Eventually we had fourteen in all, and almost all of us had the brisket (but it is good). We talked about Doctor Who, other television series, what we do on vacations, Michelle Gomez being at Timegate, DragonCon programming, old conventions, and other various and sundry. Some of the guys indulged in Guinness.

We left about 4:30-5 and came home past Sprouts. No Italian wedding soup, but they did have chicken and dumplings, so we had that for supper, and split an orange-peel flavored dark chocolate bar. (We also got some beef bits for tomorrow night's supper. We'll have turkey thighs on Tuesday.) We came home through surface streets once we left the store, so we had ample opportunity to view more blooming trees, new flower beds, and smiling pansies. As we ate supper, we watched America's Funniest Home Videos, then last week's Elementary and Hawaii Five-0. (Wow. what an episode. Anything that makes McGarrett cry must be really shattering.)

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