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» Friday, March 20, 2015
Evening Shade
We had supper at the Western Sizzlin', a much better restaurant than the former place in this location, the "West Family Diner." It was terrible: customers were treated like cattle. If you stayed too long at the buffet choosing your food, the manager would chivvy you on. This is much better. Had a chicken leg, two small pieces of steak, and popcorn shrimp, plus some chocolate cream pie as dessert.

Then we came back to the hotel to chat and play games. James and a party of five tried to play the card game RedShirts, but the instructions were confusing and we couldn't hear the YouTube video of instructions over the Yahtzee-like card and dice game going on in the other corner of the room. I finally gave Patti her Christmas gift, the little wombat I bought at the Australian Bakery Cafe back on my annual downtown Marietta expedition. James and I teamed up to play Logo, which is a game about answering questions about various brands. We won! Shari, Juanita, and Jessie went into the jacuzzi. Phyllis and Shari were playing Words With Friends the board game version (Scrabble by any other name).

The only fly in the ointment was discovering some ants in the bathroom. We have a handicapped room with a roll-in shower and I spotted an ant in the corner, and on the pull-down seat, and on the doorframe near our toiletries container. I hope we don't bring them home!!!!!!

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