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» Sunday, March 22, 2015
Drip, Drip, Drip Went the Sky
Another bad night of sleep. What a nuisance. Part of the trouble was that miserable duvet. At one point it was almost all over me. It was like someone was trying to send me down to sleep with the fishes.

A nice breakfast in the common room talking with Bill and Caran, and I even sat in on a round of the card game "Roll for It." They were playing a long, vocal game of this on Friday night; it was the reason we couldn't hear the instructions for RedShirts. We alternated going into the room and packing things up, and finally portaged them into the common room. People started to drift out and go on their way (before the Lawsons left Sue gave me the sweetest thing, an angel decoration she had seen and thought of me; it had a quote on it about imagining heaven to be some sort of library), but we hung around a bit, chatting, and finally watching Shari, Phyllis, Kristine and Shaun play Phase 10. I learned to play it several years ago, but it's been so long since I played that it was like a new game.

We finally left about quarter after one, but didn't actually get out of the parking lot for another half hour because it took us so long with the logistics of putting things in the bed of the trunk and setting the tarp. My idea for not letting it flap (tucking it under) failed miserably and we had to re-set it at the Habersham Winery, not more than a mile out of town. It was only drizzling lightly then, but on the outbound leg it rained and then drizzled and rained hard again and showered, all the way from Helen to the vet's office, which, of course, when it started raining in earnest. Bleak. Depressing.

Tucker seemed surprised to see us. I wonder if he thought he had been abandoned. His tail wagged vigorously when he greeted me, and then James. Next Snowy was brought out and we had him transferred to the carry box in a trice. Stopped briefly at Sprouts—wanted to try the chicken noodle soup, but there wasn't enough of it for the both of us, so I bought clam chowder instead—and a gallon of milk and Those Damn Bananas. :-) It rained more on the way home, and of course it rained the most when we had to offload the power chair. The cover James ordered for it is already crumbling; it left crumbs of its leathery coating all over my hands. Apparently you can't get any quality for $62! The tarp sorta worked; it dumped water on the front of the suitcase where the trash bag slipped up, but that dried quickly, and everything in the trash bags was quite dry and okay.

We got Tucker back in his crate until we unloaded, leaving Snowy watching golf from his carry box. Brought up the cage first and got him settled, then got Tucker some supper and ate some ourselves before I emptied out the suitcase: dirty clothes into the washer, the tablets and phones back onto their chargers, clothes that can be reworn (hanging-around stuff) put back in the bedroom, unused stuff back in the drawers. I got my pills ready for the week and put out my clothes for the week as well. Snowy's been giving little sneezes all night—the vet said both of them were in great shape, so I am hoping he did not get a draft on the way home!—so I half-covered him for the evening. We watched about three Night Court episodes, and then Tucker got himself in dutch: James didn't finish his soup, but was going to save it. He came out of the bathroom and caught Tucker on his chair, sampling the soup! First night home and he's banished to his crate! Yes, it was a Bad Dog thing and James did right to correct him, but I couldn't figure out why he was so freaked out. Well, we had had the German chocolate bar we bought at the Euro Food store for dessert and James hadn't finished his, but there it was, next to the soup on his tray. He was so upset that Tucker had almost gotten to it; it was 75 percent cocoa and could have killed him. We must remember that he's a climber!

Finishing out the night I watched two episodes of Strange Report. Still do like this series. The titles keep showing Evie with Ham's dog, but I haven't seen the dog yet. I've even forgotten its name, which is odd since I remembered all the other series pets, down to Honey West's ocelot! (Bruce.)

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