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» Saturday, March 21, 2015
An Evening in Germany
For supper Saturday night an eleven-strong contingent went to Bodensee, the German place down the road. (Actually, there were two contingents, as Nancy and Jake and some others had left earlier and were still finishing up when we were seated.) James and I were seated down near the "kid's table," where Aaron, Aubrey, and Karl were sitting (this was a running gag, especially since Aubrey is going on 22), and we were convulsed by their bantering.

The first few times we were here, James and I shared the sampler plate. We know better now, as it's so huge we couldn't finish it together. But even with individual portions we had leftovers. First we were served bread and butter, and then a wonderful salad of baby greens and cucumbers with a tangy dressing (perhaps sour cream?). Spring has aroused my usual craving for baby greens, except the wretched stores only have them in bags any longer, and they're usually dreadful. I miss the original Harry's Farmer's Market. We had leftovers, and, luckily, the room has a fridge.

We'd thought about walking with the others, with James in the chair, but Bodensee's a pretty tiny place; I don't think we'd have fit through the door with a power chair.

Once back at the hotel, things seemed a bit subdued. To our surprise, no one pulled out any games tonight. Alex and several others were watching a Tom Cruise film, but the rest of us just sat about and chatted, and many people went to bed early. We stayed up talking with Bill and later Daniel and Patti until about 12:30.

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