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» Saturday, March 28, 2015
A Chill in the Air
Oh, what a relief! Slept like a rock in the nice cold coming through the windows. Unfortunately, James had to work today, so he couldn't take advantage of it. I tried to make it for an eight-hour sleep, but didn't quite make it. Then it was jump up out of bed, dress, and take Tucker for a good walk before I had to put him back into his crate and go to Hair Day. I normally don't go if James doesn't go, and instead sleep late and get some housework done, but I wanted to get my yearly trim before 221BCon as well as summer.

It was the usual fun occasion. We got a chance to hear about Lin's new job; she was laid off just recently in Coca-Cola's big purge—after 28 years of service! But she's a trained and massively experienced chemist and it ended up she was only unemployed for seventeen hours. Her new job doesn't pay as much, but at least she's not unemployed and the new people seem nice. We had a birthday cake for Colin, who will be 24 on April 1. Of course it had trick candles on it. :-) Lunch was sandwiches and we had potato salad on the side and all the trimmings. Juanita also brought cheese grits for breakfast.

I left about 1:30. I had stopped at Kroger on the inbound leg to pick up some brownies and cookies for snacks at Hair Day and had also done the grocery shopping: milk, my sandwich bread, some Sinex for James. I found a new kind of yogurt and bought a couple to try: one is mint chocolate chip and the other is mocha with chocolate chips. I had these in the back of the car, and because it was still so nice and cool (it wasn't even fifty yet), I had the time to go get gasoline at the QT that is down to 1.979 before going home.

I wanted desperately to take a nap, and I did sit a bit and finish re-reading the hardback copy of Red Sky at Morning I found yesterday. But I spent most of the afternoon finally taking down the rest of the winter decor and boxing it all up, and putting the St. Joseph's altar away. I also put the Easter decorations on the porch and up in the foyer, and tried to fix a ceramic sheep that cracked and lost some pieces.

When James came home we went to Hibachi Grill for supper, and then briefly stopped by Barnes & Noble to resolve the receipt problem from yesterday. Took me only five minutes, and we came home to watch Ask This Old House and then Barney Miller.

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