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» Monday, February 16, 2015
Will It Or Won't It?

James went off to work in the damp, with a dicey forecast for the rest of the day: rain, but possibly freezing to the roads later and perhaps sleet or freezing rain. Not the best of forecasts. Me, I celebrated the presidents by sleeping eight hours. After breakfast and Tucker's walk, I had an errand to run: James was out of chips for his lunch, he needed BreatheRights, and we'd had Worcestershire sauce on the grocery list for weeks and had not bought it. So I went over to WallyWorld and picked those up, plus some of his antiperspirant because I had coupons that were expiring. Picked up some long-lasting hot pads for the emergency kits as well, along with some little icepacks for James' lunch.

Boy, the chips are a ripoff! James has the baked chips, so I got two SunChips (cheddar and salsa), baked crispy Cheetos, and then the spicy ones since he likes the zing. $12 for 28 ounces of chips! They just fill over half of his chip container. Gah.

Costco had the cheapest gas, 25 cents a gallon less than anyone else, so I went there to fill up the car, and it was so damp, and now raining, that I just went home. I wanted to rearrange the to-be-read stacks of books in the bedroom and pull some of the books I had previously bought for $1-$3 from remainder bins, like Andy Williams bio, "just because" and put them in a box and away for some time when I might not be able to afford new books to read. And I had a stack of books under the window that I didn't want there because the window is always open from when it gets cold (read "under 58°F at night") to when the pine pollen starts. Sure enough, three of the hardbacks had water damage. Oddly, none of the paperbacks in the same pile did. I think the moisture might have collected in the "L" shape made by the pages and the book cover and done the damage that way.

Finally I vacuumed, and just as I finished, James arrived home. Between the President's Day holiday and the snowstorms up north, they were getting minimum calls. So he surfed the net while I did a marathon watch of Elementary; I had five stacked up in a holding pattern. I like the resolution to the Kitty Winter storyline—her final solution was chilling, but so appropriate—but felt the wrapup with Watson/Elena was pretty deus ex machina. Pity Andrew took the brunt of the feud. Interesting story with the quaggas. I understand they are trying to recreate the species.

Other folks east of us were talking about icing of trees, but it stayed raining here all night. The weather is crazy. On Thursday it's not going to get over 36. On Saturday it will be 57.

I know the people in New England want the snow gone—damn well I would if I had to shovel and drive in it!—but down here as far as I'm concerned, the longer spring takes to come, the better. Daffodils are starting to bloom in some yards; are they in for a surprise! Not looking forward to 95 and sweltering and over $200 electricity bills.

We had turkey thighs cooked in wine with elbow macaroni for supper and watched the 139th Westminster Dog Show for the rest of the night.

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