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» Thursday, February 05, 2015
Thursday in the Truck With James
I took leave to be with James on his off day. The first thing we did last night was shut off the alarm clocks and had a wonderful sleep from midnight to nine thirty—and even then I was reluctant to get up, the bed was so warm and comfy.

"Soft mattress, warm mattress,
Cozy slab of foam.
Sleepy Linda, happy Linda,
Home, home, home."

(With apologies to Sheldon Cooper...LOL) 

We had intended as one of the things to do today to take the truck to the mobility place to get the lift checked out, something that should have been done back at the beginning of December. However, James never had time to call for the appointment. However, I did do something I've been planning to do this winter: finish cutting the low tree branches in the back yard. I started last summer but got driven off by the mosquitoes, and it's easier to do with the bare branches. So James let Tucker loose in the yard to patrol the corners and mark his territory, and I used the lopper on the branches. Some of them were quite thick and I will pay for it in the morning! He had to cut one particularly thick one for me.

Once that was done, we got dressed to go out and had lunch at Firehouse Subs on Cherokee Street, since James wanted to check on the status of his orthopedic shoes, which he'd ordered over a month ago, and that was on Canton Road just up a ways from Firehouse. When we got there it turned out the shoes were ready, so the technician made sure they were correct before we left and James left newly shod.

Finally we drove out to Sprouts in Dunwoody, which is the closest store right now. We bought some chicken and dumplings for supper, along with a tomato to go with our cucumber for a salad, and a chocolate muffin each for dessert, plus some sweet soy finishing sauce, a few pumpkin seeds, a baguette, some small fruit bars, and boneless/skinless chicken thighs as makings for some stir-fry suppers.

I spent the entire afternoon enjoying the nice chill day (high 40s with a brisk wind, but sunny and fair) and breathing in the wonderful cool air, trying to immunize myself against the superheated summer to come. It's going to be cold tonight, bringing the promise of yet another good night's sleep.

And then just a normal evening: supper, Jeopardy, Doctor Who, and then we'll watch Big Bang off the DVR.

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