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» Sunday, February 08, 2015
Saturday Supplies and Sunday Satisfaction

Friday afternoon I asked James about his status of asking for the Friday of Anachrocon off. He said it was taken care of.

Sadly, he also said he found out he was scheduled to work Sunday. Sigh.

So we had a nice supper Friday night at Giovanni's (although the service was almighty slow and they initially brought me the wrong order) and then Saturday spent as much time as we could doing something fun. Of course this began with sleeping late. :-) This was followed by puppy perambulation and lunch at Longhorn on Dallas Highway.

We had a nice assortment of craft coupons, so that's what we did for the afternoon at Town Center, since there's a Michael's, a JoAnn, a Hobby Lobby, and Hobbytown all so close to each other you could practically spit at each of them—sadly, however, a distance too long to walk. It was so warm I wore my chickadee winter sweatshirt and took my pashmina, and I didn't even use the latter half the time. We also took the power chair with us, and if that wasn't boring enough: lower the chair, raise the platform, lower the platform, raise the chair, four entire times. Zzzzzz... But it enabled James to get to go through each of the stores. I got new spring/summer flowers for the grapevine wreath on the front door, and we bought a couple of things for Christmas gifts at Michael's/JoAnn. When we got to Hobby Lobby, James fell in love with one of the metal signs: Snoopy in his WWI flying ace outfit against pilot's wings that say "Pilot's Lounge." So I bought it for him for Valentine's Day.

I let him go in Hobbytown on his own. There's not much I like there except the puzzles and the Breyer horses and the Schliege (?) animals. So I sat in the car reading "BBC History Magazine" as James motored around the store.

We scrounged for supper and later watched Casablanca on GPB...a story that never grows old, especially with that classic cast.

Sunday morning James went off to work and I burrowed under my blankets for a while, but I had a special mission for today: bathing one small terrier. After Tucker's walk and our breakfasts, I popped him in the car and took him to Unleashed—not the same one as last time, but one close to where James works, on the East-West Connector. When we arrived, a woman was at the next tub bathing two pugs. Tucker definitely did not like the whole procedure, but he was especially pitiful once I started the blow dryer. He just sat there, tail between his legs, head down, making himself the smallest of small, an abject picture of misery like a starving stray out in the rain. I don't expect I can blame him; if the dryer sound is terrible for me, I can't imagine what it sounds like to his sensitive ears. I try covering them with my hands, but I'm sure that's a minor stopgap.

In any case, the next time he gets bathed it should be warm enough that we don't have to bother with the dryer.

By the time we left the store he was hyperactive and happy again, and boy, did he have a case of static electricity! He looked as if he'd put a paw in a light socket.

James was at lunch, so we drove the couple of miles to Highland Parkway. I'd like to say Tucker threw himself all over "his daddy" in rapture, but he was so excited to be at a New Place With New Smells, he barely paid attention to either of us! It was a warm day, with temps in the low 60s; to me this is the upper edge of my comfort zone. I am not looking forward to anything over 65°F!

We got back to the house, where I did a few chores, ate my own lunch, and then started to whittle down my collection of Sleepy Hollow episodes. Three weeks ago I wasn't paying total attention during the episode about the painting, and while I knew the basic plot, I'd missed the nuances. So I watched that one and the next, then James arrived home early, so I left the last for the next day.

After that it was just a nice quiet Sunday night.

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