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» Monday, February 23, 2015
Doctor, Doctor...
I worked three hours today, then zipped off to Kaiser to see the doctor so I could get my prescriptions refilled. He was an hour behind, and then I ended up waiting in the pharmacy needlessly and didn't get out of my eleven o'clock appointment until almost 1:30.

Then I went over to the mall to look at glasses. I saw some at Sears that were okay, then made the mistake of going down to Visionworks. Met the salesman who could sell ice to Aleutians. I ended up buying a pair of the most expensive glasses ever. They are "HD," progressive over the whole field of vision rather than just straight ahead, and also thinner than what I have now, which I hope will alleviate the terrible pain I've been having with my nose. It feels as if someone is driving a sixpenny nail through the bridge of my nose by the end of the day. Yesterday, catching up on all those Hawaii Five-0's and then watching TV afterwards sent me to bed with a headache so bad I could barely see. My frames will be a little squarer and a little bit larger. But I had to wait to have the eye appointment, which, thankfully, came out clear—I always have the cataract test and the additional test where they show you the wavy lines, because it's an early indicator of a lot of eye problems. That long under fluorescent lights, though, really made my eyes hurt! I was thankful to get home by 4:30 to walk Tucker and get back to real light bulbs.