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» Saturday, February 14, 2015
A Valentine of Friends

Yeah, we regretted the late night this morning. After I walked Tucker, we exchanged Valentine cards and gifts: he got the "Pilot's Lounge" metal sign with Snoopy on it and he bought me Huck Finn's America, which I've been wanting since I read the reviews.

Good heavens! Now the weather reports are talking about the "S" word! Perhaps even three inches. Since one inch throws the city of Atlanta into unreasoning panic, I had James stop on the way to Ron and Lin's house and I ran in and did the shopping: milk, my bread for lunch, bread to go with supper tomorrow, Those Damn Bananas, a cucumber, some Skinny Pop, and enough yogurt to get through the week (that's all they had). It was chilly most of the morning and the milk and yogurt were fine in the back of the truck while we were at the Butlers for Hair Day.

We had a killer lunch: Juanita made pot roast with au jus. We brought corn. The Boros came with mixed veggies, Ron made scalloped potatoes, there were some noodles, Terica made banana pudding, Oreta made lace cookies, Alex and Pat came with a spinach dip and Italian bread, and Charles brought Klondike bars for dessert. Great to see Juanita on her feet so soon after her foot surgery! (She did major damage to her foot years ago when she stepped on a piece of rebar. Eventually they had to put two rods in her ankle. Recently one of the rods started working through her leg, so she had to have them removed.)

We left about two, brought the groceries home, picked up the power chair, and went to Barnes & Noble so James could pick out something to use his coupon on. He didn't find anything, so I bought the first two Nicolas Lenoir mysteries (looks like 18th century with magic) and "Cape Cod Life" magazine, as they were doing a retrospective of old Cape Cod with vintage photos.

We came home by Dragon 168 to pick up Chinese for dinner. James usually enjoys their sa-cha beef, but he ended up going to lie down for a while. We did watch the next two This Old House segments as well as Ask This Old House. Finally, James retreated to the Man Cave while Tucker fell asleep in his chair and I watched Saturday Night Live because it was a real one, with Chevy Chase and John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd and Laraine Newman and Gilda Radner, etc., and George Carlin as the guest host. Much more funny than today's show; the old writers knew how to keep a skit short and punchy!

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