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» Sunday, February 15, 2015
A Successful Mission

So, yeah, we got up late, but we didn't go to bed until after 2.

After having breakfast (or what was probably lunch at that point), we took our Ollie's Outlet coupon and went back for one more try at making it through the entire store, and we managed it successfully this time (the first time it was too crowded and the second time their bathroom wasn't working). Most of the rear part of the store is rugs, sheets, and towels; I did buy a towel. I'm thinking if Tucker will insist on lying in my lap, I'll buy a towel for him to do it on. This way he will get a minimum of allergens on my clothes. We also picked up some dark chocolate, a DVD as a gift, some new bungee cords for the power chair, dog biscuits, and a few odds and ends.

James needed gasoline and we wanted a Sunday paper; since our route home, Floyd Road, is lined with grocery stores (Kroger, Publix, Food Depot, and Aldi), we just stopped at Kroger, where I was able to make up the yogurt deficit from yesterday, picked up some turkey thighs for tomorrow's supper and a nice package of sale pork chops, and James stocked up on burritos. I bumped into Phyllis in the dairy section, and then she ended up behind us in line, so we had a good chat while waiting.

In the meantime we've been keeping an eye on the weather report. Depending on which report you hear, it may rain tomorrow, or snow, or sleet; there may be ice, there may be ice late, there may be black ice; it's only going to be up north, it might be here. It may start in the morning, or it may start in the afternoon. It's like being on the end of a yo-yo. So after getting the groceries put away, the suet and the thistle sock out and the bird feeders refilled, and trying to take some photos of the birds at the feeders (I set up my tripod, but it didn't help much), we decided to go over to James' office and pick up his laptop. If worst comes to worst, we have it; if not, he just takes it back to work tomorrow.

Tucker was getting antsy, so we took him with us, all togged out in his "trouble maker" sweater because it's been fripping cold out all day. It was only in the 30s, and the wind wasn't blowing that hard, but there was a bitter edge to the cold. While James went inside to fetch the laptop, I walked Tucker up and down in front of the building. He walked like a Manchester terrier, up one side and down the other, throwing his forelegs out like he owned the place. I could see a lady inside looking at him and laughing; he saw her too but couldn't figure out how to get through those big glass windows. By the time James got back outside (and he didn't take but ten minutes), I was chilled to the bone.

As soon as we got home, James warmed up the Italian wedding soup. We both had a bowl, and he had a little more (still some left over for lunch!), and we had our muffins for dessert and watched the America's Funniest Home Videos anniversary show. Kinda boring with the actors on it; why couldn't it just be all clips? They didn't even show the infamous cat-falling-off-the-TV blooper that opened the show for so many years.

Now we are watching  the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special. Pretty funny, but still skits going on forever and ever. Still don't "get" some stuff like "Stefan" and the people in the embroidered yellow vests (were they supposed to be Torvill and Dean?). The "Weekend Update" retrospective was funny, though.

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