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» Saturday, January 17, 2015
You and Me and the Chair Makes Three

Said James yesterday, "We could go to the Farmer's Market...or we could sleep late." And so we chose somnolence, happy, happy pillow hugging, contentment curled under a comforter. This was followed by a dog walk and then oatmeal and yogurt and milk for happy tummy results.

I couldn't get over the cirrus clouds this morning! They were very contrasty against the blue, blue sky, and instead of looking like the usual mare's tails, they had the appearance, especially when I took Tucker for his walk, of "frost flowers" on a winter window. I still remember these from when I was a kid and we still had radiators: the window the radiator was under would be moist, but the other window in the room would have frost tracery on them. (Baseboard heat soon put a stop to that.)

Then we left Snowy watching American Restoration and drove up to Woodstock to go to BJs. I needed Chex Mix and we could pick up toilet paper and mushrooms while we were there. We took the truck and towed the power chair with us, so that James could get more steering experience, although it's nothing to get around BJs—the aisles are wide. Naturally, once we got there, there were more things calling: a big box of Chips Ahoy to take to Atomicon, SkinnyPop, pineapple cups, some flatbread sandwiches for James. And because we shopped before we got gasoline, we got an extra five cents off on the already low price of 1.899.

We stopped for lunch at the IHOP across the street. I just had a grilled cheese sandwich because I'd been craving one, and some onion rings. Sadly, no one's onion rings are as good as Mel's Diner, but the commute to Pigeon Forge is a bit much. :-)

On the way home we stopped at Barnes & Noble with the coupons they sent for this weekend. Had we not looked around the store, we probably could have left after five minutes: I found the new Molly Murphy mystery almost as soon as I walked in the door and James the new John Ringo book directly afterwards. But I did check out the clearance and the magazines. Not much going in the mags after Christmas, and they don't have the winter "Landlove" or "Landscape" yet. Wonder of B&N is going to quit getting them like they did "Best of British." :-(

Finally we stopped at the Chicken Salad Chick to get James a new supply and came home to finish the chicken wings.

I had gotten Nativity! from Netflix and put it on. It's pretty cute. Paul is a primary-school teacher in a small Catholic school which is always on the tag end of everything. His girlfriend left him five years earlier to make a career in Hollywood, on Christmas Eve nonetheless, and now he's unhappy about Christmas; plus to that that his best friend is now a well-known professor at a prestigious private school. Paul is put in charge of the school's annual nativity play, but the last time he did it his former buddy got all the glory and his production got a razz. (Apparently the schools compete in putting on Christmas pageants.) To add insult to injury, the principal of the school assigns her bumbling nephew to him as his classroom assistant; the guy is almost as much of child as the kids. It's all about a fib he tells that gets blown out of proportion and how his nativity pageant works out. "Mr. Poppy," the idiot nephew, is one of those irritating man-child characters who gets Paul into even more hot water, but the kids are adorable and somehow it all works out in the end with a big musical pageant.

Later I saw out Christmas with "Silly, But It's Fun..." (The Good Life) and "Merry Gentlemen" (All Creatures Great and Small).

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