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» Thursday, January 01, 2015
Welcome to 2015
Slept late! But then we did go to bed at two. I remember the days we'd come home from Bill and Caran's party and I'd get on chat and we'd see the New Year in in California with Jess and the others at 3 a.m. But we were all a lot younger then. :-)

I did a little cleaning today, but otherwise not a blessed thing but watching the Tournament of Roses Parade (too bad Louis Zamperini didn't live to participate as Grand Marshall; the white horse with the reversed boots was quite touching), then some of the hockey game (really no fun this year because it was bright sun and not snowing), and then watched a couple of things on the DVR. Really irritated to discover that the American Masters Bing Crosby special I recorded is actually a special about Peter, Paul & Mary. I don't mind having that because I wanted to see it, but I was really looking forward to that Bing Crosby special! Also finished Santa and Pete and Christmas in the Big House, Christmas in the Quarters.

At supper (the usual New Year's ham with potatoes; James had some black eyed peas and rice as well) we watched Rudolph's Shiny New Year, and then our traditional New Year's movie, Galaxy Quest. We've watched this on New Year's Day or near the new year for the past fourteen years, since we saw it on New Year's Day 2000 with the gang. In fact, Galaxy Quest was the reason we got our first DVD player, because we wanted the extras!

Finally we watched the new HGTV Dream Home: it's on Martha's Vineyard! Oh, my stars and whiskers, think of the property taxes! Loved all the views, and the house is pretty cool (all Ethan Allen furniture ::swoon::), but the striped pink bedroom (ugh!) and the awful modern art on the walls would have to go. Why have a beach house and then not have beautiful seascapes on the wall? You could even have autumn-themed seascapes. Anything but icky blobs of color. As always, they talked about opening the doors in good weather and using the patio to extend the great room, and there are never any screens. Are there no bugs anywhere they build these houses? Sheesh, even at the seashore there are flies. There could be sand fleas or blackflies, and that close to a marsh, mosquitoes. Did like the idea of the SUV: big enough to take on the ferry and then drive to the nearest Costco/BJs/Sam's to stock up on supplies.

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