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» Sunday, January 11, 2015
Sleepytime Down South

Boy, did we sleep in this morning, and it was delightful. Soft warm pillows, firm cozy bed, enveloping blankets...oh, yeah. So the first meme that popped up on Facebook this morning was "Remember when you were a kid and hated naps, and now all you want to do is sleep?" Yeah, verily.

We decided not to go to the smaller RV show. They never have all the cool gadgets and a limited amount of vehicles. We'll cross fingers that we make the larger one coming up, which does have all the gadgets and an abundance of vehicles. Not that we can afford any, but window shopping is fun.

Instead we took a coupon to CVS, since we needed BreatheRights, and managed to find a double Sunday paper to boot (scarce as hen's teeth at CVS). So, yay, check QT off our list. We also went to Michael's, where I picked up a couple of clearance items and some florist's foam for the winter bouquet I was working on.

That was it. Had a good remainder of the afternoon reading the paper and reading magazines, and eating that wonderful Italian wedding soup for supper.

The Librarians is getting better and better. I really enjoyed "The Rule of Three" and am wondering what is up between Morgan Le Fay and Jenkins. It's already been hinted that Jenkins has "a past." I wish Noah Wyle was on more often. The haunted house episode started out a little more pedestrian, but I liked the twist, although I had been suspicious of it from the start.

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