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» Sunday, January 18, 2015
Oh, Crumbs!

Was up rather late last night chatting with Mike and Emma, so this morning naturally slept in. I'd like to say it was eight hours of refreshing sleep, but I had one of those annoying dreams again, one in which something wasn't completed—or rather kept indicating it wasn't completed although it was—during the small hours of the morning. I hate these dreams; they're as annoying as mosquitoes and keep me tossing and turning. So while James got up at 9:30 or so, I was in bed until almost eleven, and then had to do the usual Sunday chores: sorting my pills for the week, getting ready for work, putting last week's knockaround clothes and the towels in the hamper, that sort of thing.

After finishing breakfast (and my finishing the Daisy Dalrymple mystery Sheer Folly), we decided to go to Ollie's Attic. We had been there in November and the place was packed because it had just opened, so we looked forward to having time to look around. James didn't even bring the chair because we remembered the aisles being narrow and cluttered. Good thing we didn't. Halfway through our cruise of the store we both needed to use the restroom—guess what! It was out of order! Pffft! So once again neither of us has reached the back corner of the store. I bought a couple of cheap books, a Benji collection on DVD, Mad Monster Party for only $3, and another DVD as a gift. We also got a toy for Tucker (he had the squeakers out of it in a half hour flat), a tarp to cover the chair, and a few other little things.

Because we were both hungry and needed to use the bathroom, we crossed over Mableton Highway to eat at Krystal, where I had three plain pups. (I guess it doesn't say much about the taste of Krystal's food, but I like their "pups"—little hot dogs—because they're so bland I don't get indigestion from them.) We were going to check out a used bookstore nearby, but it's closed on Sunday.

So we just went back up on Floyd Road and finished our shopping for the week at Kroger. Floyd Road near the Mable House is like grocery road: there's a Kroger and a Publix next to each other, and then an Aldi catty-corner from the Publix, and a Food Depot a little further on. Plus there's a Walgreen's and I think a CVS. Talk about one-stop shop!

Came home in time to start dinner (drumsticks were on sale at Kroger), walk Tucker, start a new book (Ruth Goodman's How to Be a Victorian, which I am eye-gobbling in great gulps), watch the $100,000 final on America's Funniest Home Videos, and finally...the two episode finale (we hope season finale and not series finale) of The Librarians. The Tesla-village was an interesting idea but I'm not sure the execution was all that good. Did like Ezekiel channeling Eve, though. And then the finale: what happens when Dulaque cuts the Loom of Time? Why isn't Flynn a Librarian suddenly? And just who is Jenkins...and Dulaque, for that matter? (Yes, "the internets" were correct on that matter. LOL.) I read somewhere that John Larroquette is kind of a PITA to work with; not sure whether that's true or not. But I wish the concluding scene between Jenkins and Dulaque had gone on a little longer, with a little more suspense in it. I like Larroquette as a performer and I wanted that for him.

(Has anyone done a fanfiction of Flynn or the other Librarians meeting Rupert Giles? ☺)

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