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» Saturday, January 10, 2015
Linda and James and the Busy, Busy Day

Well, my feet were warm when we woke up, thanks to the heated throw. Which was just fine, because it was really chilly outside. Unfortunately, we had to get up because we were planning to hit the Farmer's Market this morning. It was so cold I even wondered if it was going to be held.

But, yes, there they were tucked up into Mill Street. Some folks had portable kerosene heaters in their pop-up tents, trying to keep warm. Others just chafed their hands and walked back and forth a lot. We didn't stay long, either, just long enough to get a couple of scones and Tucker's dog biscuits, and then headed off to Hair Day.

We arrived to find out the bad news: our hostess had lost her job. After 28 years of working at a large, prominent national company, she has been laid off in favor of...oh, guess what...contract employees. I remember when my dad retired. He worked in a factory, a factory belonging to a nationally known company, but only a factory nonetheless. They gave him a retirement dinner and a Gorham silver plate and made speeches about how they would miss him. But that was 1972. Today, she...she puts 28 years of service in—including horrendous amounts of overtime—and gets kicked out. Why aren't employees faithful to their companies anymore? Why should they be?

Sorry, buddies. Even if I liked your products, I wouldn't buy them anymore ever again.

We had a good lunch, though, but James missed his club meeting. We were frankly having such a busy time eating baked ziti and salad and garlic bread that neither of us noticed the time.

Instead we came home after it was all done with and got ready for game night at Alice and Ken's tonight, played with Tucker and listened to Snowy sing. The only irritation was that I found out the new sequence of This Old House episodes was starting tonight when I scrolled through the program guide. I tried to record the first one by pressing the record button...and nothing happened. It said instead that I had "skipped" the recording. Damn well I hadn't! I recorded the second episode and the first one appears to be showing on the other Atlanta PBS station next week...but, frustrating.

Game night was a blast. James brought the meatballs left over from the party and Alice made chicken and rice, and we had snacks and things, and we played Scattergories and then Apples to Apples, and finally, for late evening giggles, Cards Against Humanity. We got home so tired we went to bed before midnight, which is unheard of on a Saturday night unless we're sick.

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